Usb Cable Recommendation for Nuwave DAC

Dear all,

First of all, let me start by stating how much I enjoy the Nuwave DAC. It trully transformed my Hifi Experience versus the Arcam irDAC I was using.

My system consists of Opera Quinta 2014 Loudspeakers, Unison Research Unico amp, Nuwave and PC source with Daphile software.

I am also currently using the Audioquest Coffee 0.75m USB cable, which was a big improvement over the Supra 2.0 (which, in turn, was much better than the standard USB cable).

I see a lot of recommendations towards the JCAT USB cable and also the Totaldac Usb cable with Filtering Box. Can anyone please advise in terms of which one is a better match for PS Audio DACs ?

Thank you in advance,


I sure like the JCat. It’s my favorite so far and I’ve tried a bunch of cables.