USB Transporter

I recently bought the USB Transporter after reading a very positive review of it …I looked forward to applying it to my system but when it arrived I could not get it to work with my Macbook Pro laptop and my Dac…i called the tech department and after a fair bit of time trying to get it to work I was told by the tech gentleman that there are problems with windows 10 AND recent Mac laptops…I said I do not understand how a product can be on the market that has problems with pretty much all options…ultimately i was told that the product was going to be retired because it simply has too many issues…wouldnt it make sense to let customers know this ahead of time?..i must admit to being a bit frustrated

Are you referring to the LANRover?

When we were Beta testing, I was using W10 running JRiver into a Benchmark Dac2. It worked flawlessly. Although it did not improve the SQ.

It has been a while, but as I recall, people using it with the Directstreams and Mac Minis got both better SQ, and it worked fine. Not being a Mac guy, I don’t know if they have changed their operating system since then.

If you bought it factory direct or from an authorized dealer, you can return it.