Use of fiber optic to Ethernet converter with Bridge II

Thanks Scott,much appreciated.

BTW…I’ve decided I’ll get some Cat5 or 6 cables run in the house so I can have a fully wired system rather than using EoP.



Hi Matt

i had my house ‘hard wired’ for internet a few months back. I had an outlet put in all rooms. Much better than trying to run everything off wifi. For my stereo system needs I also use a Netgear 5port Gigabyte switch so I can run multiple connections in the music area.

Are you in Adelaide?

mattjtaylor2809 said Thanks Scott,much appreciated.

BTW…I’ve decided I’ll get some Cat5 or 6 cables run in the house so I can have a fully wired system rather than using EoP.



That’s the ticket. EoP is okay for some basic computing stuff, where wifi doesn’t cut it or you can’t open walls. And I used it once with my cable video system as a means to test placement of some components. But for audio SQ, it’s not so good.

I’ve successfully used EoP to feed my wife’s Squeezebox Touch connected to her Sprout and some people have been able to get wireless to work but wired is preferable whenever possible. I use Blue Jeans Cat 6a and think it makes a subtle difference compared to cheaper brands. Don’t know what the options are down under but I’d suggest using good quality cables but wouldn’t worry about that too much,

mattjtaylor2809 said HI Guys,

Hello from Australia,

I’me a proud new owner of a DSJnr & after a few nights of being blown away by the sound of the DAC, I’ve finally got around to plugging in an ethernet cable, enabled Roon to output to my DSJ & synched this output to my iPhone Roon app etc…

I then swithed over to the bridge &…noise, noise noise…lots of interference!

I have to say I’m not surprised as my home network is awful so before I go start throwing money, I thought I better check with you guys for some advice.

Reading up in the DSJ I can use Ethernet over Power (EoP) & I do have an old 200mbps adapter I use for the TV, HT AMP & Fox but I think the main issue is that my iMac (where the Room core presides) & the Ethernet connection to the DSJ are both via wi-fi range extenders which have a single Ethernet cable output.(i.e. not EoP). So…I’m thinking this set-up is introducing lots of interference?

What I think I need is a newer EoP kit but I need x2 outlets, i.e one for the iMac (Roon Core) & another for the wired connection to my my DSJ…does that sound correct?

Also…I’ve not heard of the Ethernet Media Converters & I’m not entirely sure why you need x2 but I’m assuming this would sit in-between the output of a EoP adapter & the output of the 2nd media converter is an ethernet cable into the DSJ?

One final question if I may…any recommendations for ethernet cables or are the standard “computer” Cat5 cables ok?



G'day Matthew

I had a similar setup to you with WiFi extenders at each end of the house.

I’ve now go 4 of these:

One of them is now in the middle of the house used with only 1 WiFi router now.

The other 3 powerline adapters (EoP adapters) are now at each end of the house and one in the listening room.

They each have 2 ethernet ports but where I need more I use this shielded (in a metal box) switch:

It’s all plug and play.

And I only use Blue Jean Cat 6a ethernet all around the house (coming out of the powerline adapters) with it’s floating shield design. They do ship to us in Oz via FedEx.

So my listening room now just has a powerline adapter at the wall, with BJC Cat 6a coming out of the wall and going into my DSD Snr. And that’s it - thanks to the Bridge II working with Roon (Roon Core is in a different room), that’s my source and there’s no computer/Roon Server and no WiFi router in the listening room.

I can’t say that powerline adapters have increased the sound quality in my listening room, but I can say they are definitely the lesser of 2 evils, compared with having a WiFi router/extended in my listening room. I.e. taking the WiFi out has made a considerable improvement in sound quality. The sonore and Roon guys also recommend removing WiFi routers out of the listening room (especially away from Dacs).

EDIT: I’ve later seen you’re running ethernet cable in the wall. I wish I could do this but the modern powerline adapters are doing a really fantastic job. If it were me, I’d definitely look at getting the really high quality and reasonably priced Blue Jeans Cat 6a cable from the US. Relatively more future proof than Cat5 especially for larger distances and has the floating shield design.

Hi All,

thanks for all the advice but I’m still struggling to connect the Bridge II without way too much interference?

I’ve now tried a 200 Mbps PoE adapter & this was worse that the wi-fi extender with a Ethernet port (I could actually hear the music behind all the static & grey noise, the PoE, just noise).

ive also just today installed a TP-Link Ethernet Media Converter (MC110CS) but this doesn’t work at all? Looking at the lights it’s on but not sending/recieving any data & as soon as I connect it I loose my Audio “zone” on Roon.

i think maybe I bought the incorrect optical fibre as I’ve bought a SC-SC Duplex (OM3) & it’s not clear if Duplex is correct?

All very frustrating I must say but I’m over to one of Hi-Fi buddies house tomorrow to test the Bridge itself as he has a completely wired hi-fi room. I’ll also take the Media Converter to also test this.

Frank - yes, I’m in Adelaide as I’m sure you now know after meeting you yesterday at Ant’s. Let’s keep in touch.

Cheers all


HI All,

Seems I’ve bought the wrong fibre optic patch as I need a single mode (OS) & not Multimode (OM).

Hopefully I can buy one locally on Monday so I can test the damm network.



Matt, have you tried connecting the DSj directly to your iMac with an ethernet cable and trying to make music happen? Your comment about being able to hear the music behind the noise makes me think there could be a problem with your DAC.

If there was a problem with your network, you should probably hear no music at all, and Roon would be giving you errors about communicating with the DAC.

There is another thread about somebody hearing static over their music when playing Roon to a DSj. That got fixed by turning the DAC off for a while.

Just to make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree, I’d encourage you to try connecting the DAC and the iMac directly together via ethernet and seeing what happens.

Hi Dvorak,

Yes, I did think that & I’m off to a mates house tomorrow who has a fully wired setup so I can double check that the BridgeII is fully functional.



Hi All,

I did have an issue with my DAC & it was replaced as it was a suspected broken bridge 11 board.

The new DAC synched with ROON straight away & works well.

The only issue I have now is I just can’t get the dam TP-Link MC110CS media converters to work.

I’ve done the following to double check everything:

  1. Confirmed both box’s are MC110cs Version 4
  2. Both show the same x2 greed LED lights, i.e. power & LFP (no other LED light up or blink suggesting data transfer)
  3. Double checked optical patch to ensure TX>Rx & vice versa
  4. The media converters display the same non-activity connected elsewhere in my network?
  5. Double checked switches to ensure in duplex mode & LPS is on (i.e. all switches up except the 4th switch which is down).
  6. I’ve used both Cat 5 & Cat 6 ethernet cables with no change.
  7. Rexel in Adelaide have tested the optical patch (AFL Brand) to ensure it’s not cracked & it’s working fine (Description: SC-SC Duplex SM 1M 2mm LEAD LSZH, Part Number: D1SCSC1M-SA1-2L).

If I remove the ethernet cable from the 2nd MC110cs (that goes to the DAC) & connect this directly into the switch, the input on the switch lights up & Roon (music server) see my PS Audio DAC on my network so the switch is working fine.

I’ve emailed the supplier of the media converters as they must be faulty?

Any other thoughts?



Have you tried using that stretch of ethernet/fibre as an ethernet cable elsewhere in your system? If it works as an ethernet cable elsewhere, there is a compatibility issue, I would imagine. If memory serves, the TP MC110CS is a 100 MB unit. Correct? Is the switch 100 MB or 1 GB? Do they all have to match rating? I’ll be curious to see how you solve this since I plan on fibre isolation in the near future.


In my experience, for switch, either 100 mb or 1GB will work, so definitely should use GB switch. TP MC110CS should use a single mode fiber optic cable, not muti mode, which one did you use?

BTW, this made a very noticeable improvement, especially in natural note decay, now the piano note is getting closer to my grand piano, and more 3D, more close to real concert hall experience.

Hi Guys,

Yes, I’ve attempted to install this set up elsewhere in my network & it still doesn’t transmit any signal.

The optical patch is single mode which has also been checked for any fibre breakages & all ok.

In regards to the switch, I was a little sceptical that it had to be 100 mb but as the MC110cs is only 100 mb I thought for $15 bucks it’s worth trying a megabyte switch so rule out any compatibility issues.

It sounds like I’ve just got some dud media converters & I’m in the process of returning for a refund!

BTW - it’s the 3D imaging that I’m after as I seem to have this when using my Aries Mini via USB but I do loose some of the details I get from the Bridge.



No reason to dumb down the switch. It should be gigabit. But the media converter does need to be running at the same speed as the device. In this case, the Bridge needs a 100mbps converter. Some converters have settings that can make a difference, but I found the correct TP-Link converter [for me, the TP MC110CS] worked right out of the box.

palerider said I found the correct TP-Link converter [for me, the TP MC110CS] worked right out of the box.
Hi, what are you using to power your MC110CS?

The manual says 9V/0.6A but the website says it can also take 5V but I’m not sure what the minimum current required is at 5Vdc.

I have an Uptone LPS-1 that i was thinking of using with it.


I use the LPS-1 with a splitter to simultaneously power both units. When I rip vinyl I use the LPS-1 to power the downstream unit and the LANRover between the PSA NPC and my Mac Mini. Works great!

Thanks! Is your LPS-1 set to 5V or 7V?

The spec for the MC110CS says max power consumption is 1.4 watts and accepts 5V, so in theory setting the LPS-1 to 5V should be able to power 2 units. The LPS-1 can output 5.5 Watts at 5V and the MC110CS can accept 5V according to the website

It’s set to 5V. Alex of Uptone assured me there would be no problem powering these units with this setting and I haven’t encountered any. He’s very accommodating with any other question you might have. Very nice guy. I love to give my business to people like him.

Wow I’ve just added a pair of MC110CS’s to replace most of the ethernet cable going into my Bridge II, with fiber.

I only have a short 6-inch BJC Cat 6 cable from the DAC-side FMC into the Bridge II - with fiber between DAC and the router - and another 6-inch BJC Cat 6 cable from the router-side FMC into the router.

Wow, the difference is not subtle in my system to my ears.

The difference for me is like the difference I heard going from Torreys to Huron - more of everything. More detail, more and better bass, blacker background.

Amazing improvement and so cheap.I had a similar improvement when I moved my computer and WiFi router out of the listening room.

I think for my system I’ve found the holy grail input of the DS lol. Toslink was winning for me until now.

All of my power cables and balanced XLR’s are unshielded and star quad config, so pretty good RF reduction and now RF is eliminated with the DAC’s ethernet input.

Very very happy with the sound I’m getting.

Standard disclaimer: these observations are for my system and my ears

Mi2016 said

I only have a short 6-inch BJC Cat 6 cable from the DAC-side FMC into the Bridge II - with fiber between DAC and the router - and another 6-inch BJC Cat 6 cable from the router-side FMC into the router.


I am confused. I have a similar setup as you do with the FMC’s but i do not use a Bridge II. I use an Auralic Aries streamer instead.

I have like you a BJC Cat 6 from router to router-side FMC, fibre between router-side FMC and streamer-side FMC, BJC Cat 6 from router-side FMC to streamer, streamer to DAC via USB.

Is this correct? I didn’t get the statement about “fibre between DAC and the router” - care to explain?

In my case, I still preferred the AC wireless link on my streamer vs the now fibre isolated wired link. But the difference was now marginal compared to AC wireless vs the setup without the FMC’s.