Using headphone out as a line out / Really that bad?

Hello. I would like to know whether is it really that bad to use the headphone out as a line out to hook up the Sprout100 to a Yamaha CD Player/Amp which doesn’t have line out, just this HP jack. I know Paul doesn’t recommend this from one of his videos, but is there a way i can optimize this connection while I can a afford a proper CD player/transport?
Thank you!

It can work, and with a handful of resistors and a soldering iron it can work in a controlled manner too.
But you are always at the mercy of the headphone amp (which in small systems is sometimes the main power amp with a couple of resistors inside the box to reduce the output) - even if it is a separate headphone amp inside it is often an afterthought and not good quality.
This lack of quality will always colour the “line out” you get from using a headphone out.

Do-able as a stopgap though for sure whilst you save up for a CD transport or streamer or whatever :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, sir.

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No problem, thinking about it I have done this on several occasions over the decades, once into a guitar amp from a Walkman, did ok for a few months until circumstances improved :wink:
it is certainly better than no sounds!

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