Verity Audio Otello Loudspeakers

After less than 2 months with them in my room and a member invitation, I finally decided to reorder my notes to share here my thoughts about the Verity Audio Otello Loudspeakers. They replaced my beloved (and wonderful appearing) Sonus faber Olympica Nova III.

I decided to keep them since the very beginning once installed in my system, even though the dealer gave me till the end of the year to make tests and comparisons, it was late October! I immediately felt in love with these speakers, period!


Because they sound nice, of course (Al could stop here reading!)

Let me elaborate more. My old Sonus faber were not enough for me? Absolutely not. At least until the Otello entered my life and brought me a new level of happiness and pleasure. I never thought the Sf could have been considered the weakest link in my chain at all, I was wrong. My son, who has a fine music hearing and plays guitar (night and day, day and night), when listened to the Otello for the first time suddenly said “it seems that our previous speakers sounded like a portable radio at a pic-nic”! You know, young teens love colorful expressions! Do I agree with him? Certainly not. But I understand what he was thinking.


Compared to the Sf, the Otello speakers have a greater presence, strength and ability to fill the room. They superbly pressurize the air in the environment, filling every molecule in a gently way, allowing the music to flow freely and efficiently. Fullness and richness around the entire spectrum are immediately apparent and surprisingly easy, controlled and relaxed. A sort of wow effect without artificial light or tricks, just the power of simplicity, harmony and body.


If the bass are usually associated with what I wrote above, this time the most powerful thing I immediately felt was the general cohesiveness between mid and high frequencies. The sound is smooth, detailed and textured. Music appears so sweet and silky, with plenty of informations provided by a balanced delicacy, never exposed or distorted, simply there where they should be to sound real, natural, pleasant to listen to with a plain satisfaction.


Oh I know, the same old terms! Put it in another way: I can hear instruments presence more than ever. The sound of instruments is more realistic and more in conjunction with each other. What Sf had were the best mids I ever heard, at the expense of a general equilibrium. The Otello on the contrary can better represent the whole and the specificity of the single parts. The ensemble so to speak, as the sum of each piece. Live, acoustic, vocal jazz are the genres where this quality makes more sense. It’s not only the separation and the correct positioning of instruments that makes the music so engaging, it’s also the harmonic interaction between them.


I was skeptical when I saw the rear firing woofers design of the Otello, due to my small and acoustically treated room that made me think bass could have been problematic. It turned out that the initial set up has been very easy to find, on the contrary (while the fine tuning took more time, as usual). I still prefer using my 2 REL subs, that I’m keeping at less than 30 Hz, just to better depict a sense of depth I like more.

The realism is superb, voices are clean and focused but with a breath around that seems so natural, rendering the character of the singer and the size of the venue in a such easy way. Strings plucked sound fantastic, so vibrant and vivid. Micro details arrive to my ears easily but without distractions.

Welcome home, Otello!

White noise/Hum 8 8
Background 9 9
Naturalness 8 9
Image precision 8 9
Soundstage depth 8 8
Soundstage width 8 9
Separation 8 9
Voice 9 10
Hights 7 9
Bass 7 9
Presence 8 9
Transient 8 9
Clarity 8 8
Airy 7 9
Detail 8 9
Unveil 8 8
Realism 8 9
Calm 7 9
Control 7 10
Engagement 8 9
7,9 8,9

Not all 10s. Very smart leaves room for the dealer’s next deal you cannot refuse.

Nice Review!


I am going to remove S.F. From my upgrade list; they look real nice though. Thanks for the review.


I’ve always felt the same way about Sf speakers when I’ve heard them, although to their credit the newer models (compared to those from a decade or more ago) do better in equilibrium.

Congratulations on these new speakers!


Touché! After all, I’m still a newbie… I have a long journey ahead of me (while the road to bankruptcy seems to be shorter)!


Very nice review. As noted the midrange (voices) is most important. The rest of the presentation is important but without good vocals no speaker can truly be “high fidelity”


Have you tried raising subwoofer crossover 50-60 hz range? Seems like you may have SBIR induced with the speakers in that location. But I have no clue how your room measures.

You most likely have tried different placement and settings.

Just curious to what you have found as my room is a a similar size and Im about to to starting tuning my subwoofer when some new acoustic treatment arrives.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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What makes you say that?

The OP never complained about bass with the Otello’s nor did he even hint at having any kind of issues with SBIR.

Not to mention you can clearly see in the photos that he has a fair amount of distance from the front and side walls.

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Expert evaluation as usual


Dig the V vinyl presentation

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No SBIR issues at all. The distance between front/side wall is different and also from the floor on the third axis. My room is well dampened too.

From the owner manual:

Fine tuning never ends, but what I have found is that also toeing in the subs can help a lot. With my previous Sf it took months to find my sweet spot, with the Otello is already pretty clear what I’m liking now.

When I also added the Black Box it cleansed bass a lot, bringing clarity and depth on bass. But this is my next review…

Thanks for asking and happy new year too.


That distance from the rear wall is what pushes SBIR lower in frequency(50-60hz) Push the sub closer to the rear wall and the SBIR frequency from the sub is pushed higher where the room treatment will take care of it.

We have similar size rooms and speaker placement. I have a dip at 50 hz created by that wave bouncing off the rear wall. Bass traps help a little but do not do much unless extremely thick at 50hz and below. I’m about to push my subs closer to the wall and see if it will bring the 50hz frequency up. They have been flanked beside the main speakers creating the same null. So a different position should help with nulls.

A fine and most informative review. Not being familiar with the brand I looked them up half expecting the Otello to be a rather uber expensive speaker, not the case at all. From your review they hit all my sonic buttons as I also prefer a speaker that draws me into the music. Now to track down a dealer for a possible audition.

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Did the reviews include the black box for both speakers?

Reach out the Paul Manos the US Distributor at the Audio Shoppe in Boston.

I’ve owned my pair five years this Spring and completely agree with Luca’s assessment of them. I’ve been seriously tempted to move up the line to the new Arindal.

There appears to be a dealer in Minneapolis with a pair in stock.


I did that this afternoon, and hopefully there is a dealer in the area. Thank-you :grinning:

May not ultimately be what you are looking for but well worth a listen.

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I am always up for a road trip when music is involved.

If the store in Minneapolis still has that pair they are an upgraded finish. Pretty good looking pair too. If you go that way maybe you can get a listen to Al or Tom’s system.

They sold their store demo pair of Parsifal Anniversary’s a few months back a a discount and these look to be their “floor” pair too. So may be willing to bargain.

I’m not sure to understand your question, sorry!

Anyhow the flight was smooth and safe…. the aircraft landed without any problems!