Very sweet spot power supply cable


There will be around 8 meters (26ft) between my P5 and my second dectect on which is plugged my audio system.

I think I’ll have to buy by meter.

Which Power Supply Cable would you recommend ? I’ve thought about Acrolink leggenda or Belden 83803 (inexpensive :wink: ).

Thanx again for your kind help.

As some might have guessed, I trying to slightly improve my system and save money for the next DAC (have no idea of the price… to buy or not to buy, that is the question)

Not sure if practical for you (being over-seas if I recall correctly), but this US-based small shop is super friendly and has very good quality products at unusually good prices, in my experience:

Talk to Frank. Given his prices, you might not be able to do better, including the cost of shipping.

Just a thought…

Hopefully some others will chime it with suggestions.


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Thanx but he doesn’t sell by meter.
But it’s really worth trying.
I will :+1:

He sells multiple lengths and makes custom lengths, if I recall correctly.

Give him a call – nothing to lose.

Good luck.


Nothing to loose ? You haven’t heard my Fench accent, a lot worse than my written English :sweat_smile:


He is also very responsive to e-mail.

Given your demonstrated ability to work with this crowd here, I think you will be able to muddle through. :wink: