Video documentary of the FR30 installation

Our dealer in Norway, Mala, now has the FR30s on display. You can see the install here.

We’ve also launched a video documentary which I just announced in the latest Paul’s Post:

This past week found senior loudspeaker designer, Chris Brunhaver, and me dealing with all the fun present day air travel has to offer as we two masked men winged our way across the United States installing the first of the Aspen FR30 loudspeakers.

Stop number one was in Chicago where we met lucky owner, Greg, aka. @Straightwire (on this forum). Greg lives outside the city in one of Chicago’s many suburbs.

This was going to be our first challenge. How do the FR30s work in a smaller room? Greg’s room measured 10′ x 14′ with the back of the room open into another area of his basement. Tight to be sure, but because the FR30s are so easily adaptable to just about any room type, we were pretty confident it would be fine.

The proof would be in the listening.

If you’re curious as to how it all worked out and wish to watch the setup process, we put together a 30-or-so’ish-minute video documentary.

You can watch the video here.

Later that evening, Chris and I boarded another plane for a second setup at a reviewer’s home. No cameras or details permitted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then, it was on to Missouri for installation number three.

I’ll detail that and post a second video tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


Great video. Good to see them in real life application with a happy customer.

I think that’s a great video, although I say that with the firm knowledge that only audio geeks would think so. Seriously, it could go on all day as far as I’m concerned.

Also, I’m happy to see from those shots taken from behind the listening chair that I’m not the only one around here who’s working on developing a fine tonsure. :wink:


I was most impressed by the room. Seeing that a small space can have so much audiophile potential was very heartening. Personally my primary room is only a tad bigger (16x15) but is also the primary family space (TV, toys, main thruway to patio, etc). I’ve always wished for my own audiophile cave without the multipurpose needs of the family, but thought it needed more room. This video was very enlightening - even in a small space you can have big audio.

“Small space, big audio”. I like that, direct and to the point.


Would appreciate pix of “final” set up, including chosen room treatment, at your convenience, @straightwire


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I absolutely LOVE this video idea!! It will help us all set up our rooms. Thank you Paul and Chris!

I saw a comment on YT about how small the room is. My thinking is, that is the one room in the home that you would have to intentionally go. And from what we can see, it is also the only room that does not require traffic through it to get somewhere else in the home. I wouldn’t have that any other way.


Unless the doors are closed, which they didn’t appear to be in the video, it really isn’t fair to say that’s just a 10’x14’ (or whatever it is) room though, right? With that big room behind and the doors wide open it’s a much bigger space, not to mention the closet


I don’t disagree, but I think the reference was to the actual occupied/listening space allocated - speakers, chair, components and acoustic treatment. Though I have no way of knowing, I suspect most dedicated “listening rooms”, would be made up of mostly of areas joined by additional space, being open closets, adjacent rooms with little separation and other undefined space.

As mentioned in the FR30 thread, the adjacent closet opening and double door wide opening behind the listening position helps a lot, especially with taming behind the head reflections.

Sure, and agree dedicated rooms are awesome. I just think its not right to conclude (and I’m not saying you were, just generally, it’s sort of suggested by the video) that the speakers work great in a 10x14 room if those doors are always open (which they seemed to be in video from what I could tell).

Now if Greg says they sound just as good with the doors closed as with open, then that’s different I suppose

Real world room, real world compromises to optimize the system to its best! Congrats @straightwire (Greg). Being a former Maggie owner, you’ll love the dynamic swings.
Enjoy in good health!

Just watched the two install videos. Enjoyed them and learned a lot. But I was wondering why you didn’t use the Reference Audio disc from your Audiophile’s Guide.

I thought the reactions of the owners of the first two posted installations were a wee bit restrained. They were very positive but what they said could be applied to many other speakers including mine. Given the buildup of these speakers, I expected some superlatives. Actually, I expected them to say: “This is the best sound I’ve heard in my room.” Chris and Paul mentioned break-in a few times but I would expect their exceptional quality would be evident with out break-in.

Not everyone is effusive with immediate praise. I would not be, it is not of my nature.

This IS the best sound I’ve heard in my room. I thought my praise was inherent in the “everything is better” summary. I could post a video of me jumping up an down with delight but that would take me from my listening chair. Me very happy.


Where is the link to a second installation vid?

I think it would have been corny if he was more effusive. He got the point across that he liked them.

(Although I gotta say they look awfully big in that little room just six ft apart - wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually downsize when siblings released)

Let’s get those babies moved upstairs to a bigger room! (Just kidding- enjoy)


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