Aspen FR 30: Absolute Sound High End Speaker of the Year

Kudos to Chis, Paul and all involved in the release of the FR30. It was painstakingly slow in development but the patience and perseverance has paid off. I laid in the weeds for over a decade wanting electrostatic accuracy but with the same result in the lower frequencies. Now I have it. Glad I waited. Shucks, even Al likes them but I don’t think he is waffling on his big
Vivid’s, for now.


That is great news! I have moved up my speaker upgrades in the priority list from No. Fifteen by five spots to ten. Then I realized :expressionless: it does not mean a thing.

One day I need to trade down my 300 lbs+ speaker (each) to these. They are still not lightweight, but I am used to hearing huge soundstage for the past twenty years.

I have had a multitude of electrostatics and planars that have large radiating area and the large image that followed. I have found little, if any, image reduction with the FR 30’s. In fact, the image is more correctly scaled with no lose of depth. Of course, the recording, room, and components effect the image as much, but I am happy with the results.


I may visit Boulder one day to listen to these. My system is all PSA gear so they will match well. After my daughter is done with college then I could save some dough. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Were were happy to get this additional honor from the folks at TAS. It’s been quite a year.

I’m glad to hear you’re till enjoying your speaker so much Greg!