Vincent Audio?

Hey all, maybe a long shot here, but I’ve been kicking around buying a Vincent Audio SP-332 amp to pair with my SGCD. Anyone have any experience with them or heard much? Not a lot on the webs, but what I’ve found is positive.

Looks like nice gear using input tubes caution though…
looking through the Vincent website no word indicting
how to change or what tubes can be rolled in like
you can with BHK gear…

Best wishes

About all I know is their tubed phono preamp and outboard power supply is considered quite a bargain for its quality. I believe Audio Advisor in MI sells the line, and it’s pretty popular with their customers.

I did not have SP-332, but I had a pair of Vincent SP-T800 mono block amps in the past. They are hybrid also and were highly rated. But I like my current PS M1200 amps by a wide margin. Vincent did not provide enough power to drive my speakers was the main reason in my case.

True enough but still Vincent does not provide anywhere near
the information needed to replace or swap tubes like BHK does.

So all is good untill…the need arises…does the amp need to go back to AudioAdvidor …as there is no apparent how to for the user at
home to swap out tubes…

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From what I can find out, 2 of the 3 tubes are not user replaceable and need to be serviced. “The 6N15 tube is a socketed tube. The long-life 6N16s are not. The manufacturer conservatively estimates this tube’s life at 10,000 hours”.
. I really don’t plan to tube roll on the input tubes, but it one goes out…that could be an issue…

Also, I have emailed Audio Advisor about warranty info and about the tubes…they have not responded.


It is good to check things out beforehand…and hopefully
tube replacement will never be needed

Best wishes

Unless you are sold on getting something with Tubes, I would personally look for a used Parasound A21+ in the same price range as the new Vincent. It’s a remarkable amp.

I don’t know this seller, but here’s an example:


Funny you should mention that because that IS the amp I was planning on buying. The Vincent looked like a good option at a bit less cost, but I only hear very good things on the Parasound 21+.

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Hey stonefree1911

I had an a 21 and absolutely enjoyed it…with particularly
the first 8 watts in class A then on up from there class AB.
Beautifully detailed quick huge soundstage slam and bass.

The A21+ is even better with various upgrades. You will
enjoy it and not have to worry about tubes…

Never ever had any problems with my A21 or my JC5

Which front ends will be using with the A21+?
Keep us posted with your choices

Traded the A21 for JC5…

Best wishes


I had a 21 as my office amp. A 21+ replaced it. I made no other changes at the time. After 2-3 weeks it was clear that the 21+ was better than the 21 in all ways. That’s not saying the 21was a slouch. I really liked that amp. I had it 4 years or so. If the 21+ hadn’t come out, I most likely would have kept it another two years until the 250 showed up.

The 21+ moved on when I bought a BHK 250, which pushed a JC5 to my office and the 21+ found a new home with a local buyer.

Trickle down amp-onomics.


Amp-onomics…new term for the books


It’s nice having several systems. The hand-me downs are usually pretty good. :smile:

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Your various systems in different locations ie office etc?

Best wishes

How do you like your JC5?

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Yup. It’s nice to have some gear around for a while. It creates an interesting synergy. Each enjoyable on its own.

My JC5 in my ears is amazing and quite the ticket.

With the many refinements first 12 in Class A, plus the separate input
power supply, cap upgrade, toshiba jfets and so much more…

The ease the finesse, the ability to present images in 3D space way
beyond the planes of my Focals, the way notes appear and trail off
in the distance, the separation of performers, vocals are so amazing
full and rich. The ability to play music at low db levels 40-50 dbs
and still give me the same scale of soundstage is a wow…verticality
in abundance…

When called on to play at “normal levels” 60-80 dbs it does just
that…when asked to let er rip…well…is happy to oblige there as

The JC5 is a phenomenal amp, John Curl knocked it out of the
park with this one.

Hopefully this will answer your question…
Do I like my JC5…absolutuely it is a keeper!!

What gear do you have in your office?

Thanks for asking!!

Best wishes


The Vincent might end up sounding very nice, but I have to say, I see so many Parasound amps in the systems of people whose judgment I regard highly, that given the choice, I’d likely go with the Parasound.

A21+ is an excellent amp. If possible, stretch the budget and get the JC5. I’ve heard both and the JC5 gives a bit more refinement and detail. If you don’t change amps often you will have this amp for years and will offset the cost over time. I had my last Parasound 5 channel for 23 years.

Good luck!

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