Viva Egoista 845 power recommendations?

Hi all, in the next few days I’ll be getting a very powerful HP amp, the Viva Egoista 845, which generates up to 15 W per channel. Right now my audio gear consists of a Holo May KTE. Cayin HA3e00 and Susvara HPs and is powered by some mid-level Pangea cables connected to a Niagara 1200, which is itself connected to a NRG-Z3 cable to the wall. Everything works and sounds fine, but since I’m moving to such a high end amp I’m wondering if I should rethink my power setup.

First off, I’m wondering if a PS Audio Power Plant would be beneficial for my new amp, and if so which one? My place has decently clean energy straight from the wall, so I’m not sure if I would get any benefits from the PS Audio PP. Also, I’m worried about killing the dynamics of the amp by inserting a power regenerator behind it.

More importantly, since the new amp generates a lot more heat than the old one, I’m planning to put it further away and higher from my listening station, and powering it on/off via the main switch will be a more difficult. I’ve seen that the Powerplant units have a remote on/off function. Would I be able to plug the amp in a Powerplant and then turn it on and off using the Powerplant’s remote without ever turning off the amp itself? Or would that damage the amp?

Would love to get some advice on this. Thanks!

Welcome, @tdx

Yes, even a flea amp benefits from the use of a Power Plant as would a 15W amp.

No issue with restricting dynamics; a Power Plant is capable of providing even more than straight out of the wall for short periods.

The 845 is pretty.

Thank you. Would I be able to leave the amp on all the time and switch it on/off using the powerplant remote? Or is that not recommended?

Yes, you can switch components on and off with a Power Plant. It is the same as far as what the component sees; the switch on the component does the same thing.

Got it thanks. And also which Powerplant do you think is recommended for such a powerful amp? Dont want to overpay obviously but also dont want to limit dynamics with too low power.

15W is a very low power amp. Any Power Plant will easily handle this small load. But the Power Plants get better and better as you move up to the more expensive units.

Even then I would start with the smallest Power Plant unless you plan to also poower a god number of other component off of the unit.

Makes sense thanks. I’ll start with a PP3 and see if I need more…