Volume gadget on my wishlist

Happy new owner of a DSJ, and exactly as Paul and Ted say, there is another character to the sound, lively and natural and with a lot of more space. Truly amazing.

One thing I would like is however a remote which would have only the volume knob, like the one on the device. With Roon on my tablet that would be about the only thing needed. The standard PS remote is WAY to “noisy” with all those buttons. Think Devialet, they have a wonderful remote with a nice round volume knob with a good physical feeling…

I only use the DSJ remote for volume, and to switch sources every once in a great while. It’s designed to run an entire PS Audio system, which makes sense. I wonder if there’s a simple, elegant universal remote that could learn the DSJ’s volume frequencies? I doubt PS Audio will release such a remote themselves.

I think PS Audio should implement a menu option to support the apple remote codes.


Here’s one and here’s another.

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Those are remarkably inexpensive.

Yeah and certainly worth a try. If you don’t like them, I’m sure you can give them to someone who will use them.

Do we know both work with PS Audio gear?

They’re both learning remotes - should work with anything as long as you have the original IR handpiece to teach it. I don’t own either, so I am relying on the item descriptions.

I have programmed such critters, although more expensive/comprehensive ones. It is easy and works well.

Seems pretty cool

I use the harmony app on my ipad (with the harmony hub). Maybe not the physical feel you are after but along with itunes, spotify, audirvana i can pretty much control proceedings from the couch.

Wow, this could be the “one to rule them all”. I have been looking for something like this. And certainly probably this has a lower cost than if PSAudio would create something like this.


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But just realised that it is is SOLD OUT, :frowning: Hope that will change soon!

Maybe not as cool

Not as cool, but if it works with the physical +/- buttons on the iPad (for example) it should be very useful… I’ll try to figure out.

My Decware ZTPRE preamp (which improves the sound of my DSJ so much as the output, even balanced, from the DS is so low for best sound in my system) has only volume control in its remote option. Works wonderfully with tiny incremental volume steps. I love having the DS on 100 and using the volume control on the preamp which also allows me to control (and improve the sound of) two additional balanced inputs. There’s a lot to be enjoyed in having just one control on a remote.

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Doesn’t seem the PUCK is available in Sweden/EU. So very disappointing!