W10 PC HDMI out into PS Aduio DS DAC I2S in?

Can this work?

I am trying to interlay a convolution room correction filter between CDT and DAC using a W10 PC …

Alternative solutions welcome.

Not exactly a network audio question, sorry about it …

I2S is not the same signal as HDMI. Just uses the cable that is the same. Not compatible unless you buy a converter board off eBay or something like that.

I could be wrong, not sure what a w10 computer is, but unless it can output I2S it isn’t compatible.

Edit: oh…windows 10. Sorry. Same answer still.

Pink Faun makes a PCIe I2S interface board that uses HDMI cable. It only works with AMD though. I use one with DS.


What is AMD? And PCIe?

I thought Pink Faun boards are for their streamers only …

AMD is the next largest CPU maker next to Intel.

PCIe is the physical and logical definition of the slot the board interfaces with the computer.

The board works with any Linux that includes ALSA, any somewhat modern version will have ALSA.

Probably best if you speak or email Jord at Pink Faun.

You may want to ask @rajugsw for info on the latest eBay card it’s like 50 dollars and they even put them in a case that looks nice. He got one, I think that fixes the right left channel swap on dsd files.

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The HDMI input/output are flipped on the latest boards (my friend ordered one) but I built it for him with the Blue Board that does the channel reversal. He’s not using the I2S Output on the Green Board.

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A Matrix would work here: W10 PC > USB > Matrix > I2S > DS. If you use an external PS, you can also isolate the 5V from the computer.

Yes, Matrix should work here, thank you.

Any suggestion for the previous leg: CDT I2S/AES out > ??? > USB > W10 PC?