Waiting for BHK 250? Received!

Wait… you haven’t seen my 10mm socket, have you?


I’ve seen plenty of them but I can’t swear one of them was yours :grin:, I dropped at 7/16 socket one day and never found it!!! Even years later when we moved the machines out where I dropped it, I looked under the footprint of the machine, wasn’t there…

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I was blessed with just a touch more brains than brawn. My Dad was a crafty fellow who built a 3000’ sq. ft 4-level house essentially by himself and my 10 year old assistance. He got help for the big jobs but still…he was a doer.

My plan involves de-boxing on the front porch lifting with the help of lifting straps up and dolly.

Roll the dolly up to the cabinet and slide the amp right in. Hardwood felt sliders and melamine interface very nicely. A nudge and she’ll slip right into place.

A bicycle inner tube on the cabinet shelf and another on top of the vented plinth under the 250 will be used to lift and remove the pine sliders…replace with feet. Do the same under the 250 to add/change feet with a few simple pumps of a small bike pump.

I used ‘plasti-tak’ to keep everything temporarily in place. I need to finish the paint or black spray plasti-dip so it just disappears. Once the M700 come out I’ll bore 4 - 2.5" holes in the bottom shelf to aid convection. Plus a pair of 6.8dBA 120mm fans to move 33 cu. ft/min. each nearly silently.


Nicely done.

I feel positively deprived as my audio electronics weigh a total of 18 pounds.

I have a phono amp on order from EAR Yoshino, they seem to have a problem with getting one or two parts, which must be a common Covid issue. Will be sorted in a few weeks, a shame as we are driving past their factory on Thursday.

I’ve got 180kg of concrete going spare if anyone wants it and needs some exercise.

Very nice taste you’ve got there.

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I received a note from sales that my 250 is set to ship tomorrow! I know it’s just an amp, and the amps I have now are very good but still I’m excited like a kid on Christmas eve.


You won’t be disappointed.

That’s similar to the way my wife and I handle moving heavy gear in place. We lift component onto a platform on wheels, roll that up to the shelf, place a sheet of parchment paper on the shelf, lift the rear feet of the component onto the parchment paper and then slide the component into the shelf. Once in place, lift the rear feet up and pull out the parchment paper.

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Please move to Florida and I’ll give you a case a week, just to be on standby.

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Ha, but then I’d have to live in Florida :grimacing:


Powered up the 250 about 20 mins ago.

So far so good :blush: Most immediately, the treble is sooo much cleaner and smoother than the M700. I’ll enjoy listening to this amp break-in.


Great to hear Bret! Now get out of here, grab a drink, and enjoy some tunes!



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She slid right in no fuss


It sure is heavy though isn’t it?

I have tried the tungsrams, matsushita, and prefer the stock Gold lions to them.

Not bad only having to dead lift it once onto the dolly but yeah, solid.

I’ve got a pair of Matsu’s that I did not care for in the preamp to roll at some point but she’s sounding really nice 24 hours in…and without the pre as it went home for a input board repair (still waiting on the part 3 weeks later!)

I am impressed with the increased image cohesion and depth. The central ‘voice’ is as centered as always but the space between everything left or right of that image is far better defined. More distinct but more one at the same time. And all this without the BHK preamp!


How are you liking the 250 now three months in?

Everything you hoped for?

Did adding the preamp improve things dramatically?

The 250 is excellent. No contest compared to the M700. I’ve had the BHK pre for 2+ years.