Waiting for BHK 250? Received!

How many are waiting for their July BHK special to ship?

My estimate is mid-August for a 250.

Fortunately, the number back ordered is much less than the P3 was. It also sounds like Ops is much more confident with their quantities, and we’re not dealing with a situation where we aren’t hearing back from suppliers. Mid-Aug sounds accurate.

Thanks. Time to spend more time lifting to get strong enough to move it into place.

I’m upgrading from M700 after 2+ years of joy


Hey, just come to my place and help me put in field fencing. You would get to carry 80 lb bags of dry concrete mix. I recently moved my 250 for bass duties and put in 300’s on the main speakers. Had to move all three units several times. They will not be moving again for a good while, hopefully not before I move on.

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I managed my P10 at 73lbs. but I’m only 145lbs so…I’ve got two younger and stronger good neighbors that will be happy to help.


Offer me a six pack and I’ll happily move amps around! :smile:


Team lift :slight_smile:

There are some advantages to being married to a strong mountain woman!


Or having a son that is in really, really good shape.


The amps are expensive. You move the amps around first, Mister. Then you get the six-pack.


How about a favorite local double IPA. Compares very favorably in a blind test with Pliny the Elder.

James, you might as well just drive it out. Aug 15th good for you?

Next level service, truly!


“Mongo just pawn in game of life”


I’ve helped a few friends move and it’s always more fun to enjoy the 6-pack together first, and then move the stuff. Maybe not the best approach when moving amps though…


Hey, I’ll hold up my end if you hold up yours. :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If you have a Harbor Freight go and pick up a small wooden dolly. It will allow you to be able to move the amp without ending up in traction. I tip the 250 on its side, lower it onto the dolly than even it up than roll it into position. It so happens in my case that the height is just right for the bottom shelf of my Sanus rack. I put pieces of paper under the feet to assist in sliding it into position on the shelf. Once the amp is where i want it I can pull the paper out.

Thanks, I have one of theirs from about 5 years ago. Definitely helps.

I use a small 10-12" bicycle tube to lift components for ‘feet’ changes. Slide it underneath and pump it up.


That is another good idea. The 250 is extremely heavy it weighs 10 lbs more than my P-10 and that one is a back breaker. Enjoy the amp when you get it.

I just picked up my BHK 300s and put them were I wanted.

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Now you’re just braggin’

My dolly is just over an inch taller than the platform it will live on. I’ll just have to work smarter instead of harder

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Carried them up the steps (one at a time), told the wife to hold the door open, best part I didn’t drop them! Years of working maints at Snap On you get use to picking up heavy stuff.