Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

Why would you say that? I have been using Roon via the Bridge to my DSJr and it sounds fantastic with Windom.


Why would you say that? I have been using Roon via the Bridge to my DSJr and it sounds fantastic with Windom.

And much better than MConnect . (Raspberry)

Let me say…If and when you get the sublime download…STOP MESSING WITH IT!

I had the perfect most incredible sound and thought…hmmm maybe it could be better…bad Idea…It has taken me 10 hours futzin with this and NOW finally in the 10th hour I got it back…better by a mile…WHAT A PAIN!!!

There is CERTAINLY something wrong here…Just sayin…sounds great if you’re lucky and can stop futzin…I have finished…JEEZ

Hopefully someone will look in to this, it is a real thing…and when I hear people not blown away I feel certain they just have a bad Load…shame


soundstage width 3feet beyond the speakers, several feet in between performers in depth, not width

But this took me more than 35 uploads to get it right…

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Is that what one calls persistence, passion, or OCD?:crazy_face:

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whats the difference? :slight_smile: it is worth it from where im sitting now

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I personally experienced problem with the initial load - the sound was gritty, with the tonal balance out of wack - it made me dizzy.

Then, after going to RC --> Windom --> remove SD car --> power off/on, I got it right, and resisted any desire to change anything. Having the correct Windom download is too precious to risk losing it.

Which is why when I read Paul’s new thread about synchronicity (Synchronicity), I just chose to ignore it - there is no way I am going to risk messing up my “good” firmware until the loading process is made more robust.

Yes…I had the same experience initially ended up as you did, went to RC then Windom and it was perfect…I didnt read pauls post unfortunately. I will now…But Im back in the good sound now. Im leaving it be.

But get this… I started losing a tube in my pre- and then,Crazy, …the preamp bypass switch, switched…instead of up for bypass, now the bypass is down, and up is for passing signal…and the green/red light stays green. The weirdest thing Ive ever seen. I contacted manufacturer. You ever seen anything like that?



HA ! I read the post…NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAY

Yeah - the idea of switching firmware for the fun of comparing Snowmass and Windom could have been interesting, but not with the current firmware loading issues - too much risk involved (and I loose patience quickly when having to deal with problematic s/w issues). If ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

As for the pre-amp, I am not familiar with tube pre-amp.
I own an Accuphase E-370 integrated amplifier and it’s operation is pretty simple (the way I like it).

You may get more luck with other more knowledgeable people on the forum on that particular subject - sorry I cannot help you more - if I had any good advice to give, I would not hesitate one second, but I am completely clueless in that case.

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Hi @tedsmith, on this sdcard ejection point. Does it matter the order we remove the card from the DSsnr. I.e. remove then switch off, or switch off and then remove, could the switching off process corrupt the card if left in?

Many thanks

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Yes, I genuinely would like @tedsmith guidance on the card removal reboot sequence. And also, precisely when do we go take a leak was well…

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After running in Windom for several days, I can confirm the increase in bass resolution. When I switched to servo controlled subs over 1 year ago, What I had originally perceived as less bass was simply more controlled bass. Windom augments this further as low bass notes are more tight, discernible, and enjoyable on my rig. Not less, just more accurate is my assessment on my setup. Thx Ted! Keep the good work going.


I upgraded from Snowmass 3.06 to Windom.
I have been lucky with my many updates, but for this one, I had to go back to Redcloud.
I am glad I did, because it’s a really nice improvement.
To make a long story short, I feel more connected to the music.
My wife considers Windom a big improvement.
Thank you @tedsmith, @Paul and PS Audio !!


I have Roon and use it most of the time for the much better UI but MConnect sounds better to my ears, yes Roon sounds great, it’s just a relative thing.

Re SD card removal…

Personally I turn the DS off, insert SD card, wait a little, turn the DS on and let it update, when it’s done and rebooted, I remove the SD card. At this point I’m done but powering off, waiting a little and powering on can keep you from chasing your tail if you’re unlucky enough to get a bad boot after the update. The removal time doesn’t matter as long as the system isn’t actively updating, changing tracks when using the bridge or being powered on or off. Removing the card when the system is off is safe and, perhaps, easiest to remember.


Same thing for me …

I’ll admit I didn’t take the idea of multiple downloads seriously until last night when I downloaded Windom for the umpteenth time. Until this download, I found it syrupy and not as good as Snowmass.
But this morning, it’s clear, articulate and the soundstage is decidedly wider. Go figure.
Maybe software IS a gas, as Ted has suggested—Daddyo.


I’ve tried loading windom at least 6 times and several different ways over the last nearly week, and no matter how I did it, my soundstage is narrower than it was, and my bass is too warm, and percussion sounds less-clean. And I dislike the apparent mid-bass boost from it on my system, and the loss of “growl” to instruments like electric bass.

So I finally restored snowmass. What a relief! I’m now enjoying my system again. So I think that I’m probably going to skip this release. Hopefully the next release won’t have these issues. But even if it does, I’m very happy with Snowmass (V1) and I could live with this release forever if I had to.

Thanks for the valiant effort guys! I just wish that soundstage-width was a little higher on the priority-list for the listening team when picking which of the builds Ted sends-in for evaluation to release into production. I know from past experience with some of the older betas that this is one aspect which can vary widely between these builds of the same OS which Ted sends in for evaluation.


Do u have Sr or Jr tarnishedears?

I can’t thing of one FW release for either the PWD or the DS that was met with universal acceptance, @tarnishedears. I’d go to what was right for my system, like you’ve done - and I’ve done in the past myself.

I have a SR, and I’ve had it long enough to have been through every release since 1.21. I’ve even participated in a couple of betas (before they stopped doing those). To date the only releases which I did not enjoy were Pikes Peak, and Yale. Both of these I thought took the DS to far in the direction of detail over musicality. But every release since then has been a definite step forward IMO.

Windom does not sound anything like those previous releases, but since I have stopped enjoying listening to my system with Windom, I’ve downgraded back to the sonic bliss which is Snowmass V1. And my system is sounding wonderful again.