Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

Everything sounds Amazing in my Great and Unmatched Windom ; )


Yes, cool song, thanks. Its worthy of admission into @ronaldwanders sonic emporium…

Thanks. If it was as simple as hqp taking over audio management processing for roon I would probably give it a shot. But it sounds like it’s pretty difficult. I checked out their page, and might give it some thought (sometimes I get brave enough to take chances lol)

So tell me about the upsampling prior to the dac Speedracer. I’ve never considered it.

It looks much harder than it actually is. What originally looked insurmountable now takes me all of 3 minutes. Its just a matter of figuring out how HQPlayer thinks. The developer is not skilled in writing layman manuals. Though written 5 years ago, and for a different version, Geoffrey Armstrong, who is a very nice fellow, created this QuickStart guide. The website is for Geoffrey’s company in Monaco.


Start here:

If you have questions, just ask in that thread.

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If someone with a beeswax fuse in their BHK Pre or P20 has installed Windom. I would appreciate your opinion of Windom. Thank you,

What the…



I have no idea what you are talking about.

Your right I convoluted two treads

Lol. Whatever it was… I agree!!! :slight_smile:

A sense of humour helps😊

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lol, I was just about to ask if you had a handy set of settings and it looks like these are those. I might just give it a shot, this martini says “yes”.

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@tedsmith Just curiosity, Would there be anything left at all to enhance sonic quality further more for future releases? I am so amazed by the improvement in DSD sound every time there’s new firmware comes out and this time Windom did it again for sure. Un-freaking-believable !!

Additionally I love FPGA design philosophy of DSD as it never stop to get better over a quite period of time. Thanks, Ted and Paul ! Given all the crappy audio equipments out there, DSD is surely making money’s worth.

I’ve still got some likely avenues to pursue. (And a bug or two to fix.) I still want to run multiple SDMs at the same time and pick the answer that’s closest to that that the input describes. There’s always room for more noise squashing. I also have a method on paper (and in simulation) that predicts the error from the SDM and tries to minimize it…


Great and good to know there’s still some more. It is really fascinating how software itself can produce considerable improvement without any hardware changes. Thank you, master of the universe!

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I am listening to the Allman Brothers Band “Eat a Peach” MFSL SACD and sounds just plain fantastic.

Well done @tedsmith!


Timely and subtle. Cracked me up.:clown_face:. Not all Bozos on the same bus.

My preamp max is 33 clicks, if I exceed 22 clicks my ears are in pain, now with Windom, today I find myself listening at 27-28 clicks.
Perhaps, I should also share this, last week after installing Windom, I barely escaped with my life out of my listening room, re-load Snow -listen- reload Windom- power down overnite since my system has a very powerful memory effect.
Windom sounded better and I knew still a bad download. So I reload Windom one more time power down and unplugged all cables to my DAC overnite.
The next morning music is back in it’s place.
Windom is way more live and real sounding never heard before, the only thing I find missing in my system is the ‘’ grunt’’ in the bass guitar. I do happily accept this trade off.
Also, I now can clearly hear the different layers of bass notes and did lower the volume outputs of my JL Audio Fathoms F110 app 20%

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