Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

Hi Ted,
I too suffer from tinnitus, however my recent hearing exam shows that my hearing ability is quite good still, but my slight hearing loss centers to the same frequency of my tinnitus. I am currently using hearing aides specifically for treating my tinnitus. They are the Signia Styletto Connect hearing aides. I’ve only been using them for 3 weeks now so I will hold out on their usefulness at this time. Just thought I’d let you know that there is treatment available to try.
One other note is that if you take daily aspirin(81mg tablets) it is a contributor for tinnitus. I know I used to take this as well.

Thanks again for continuing to employ positive changes to the DS hardware. I am so happy that I have this DAC along with the rest of the PS audio gear.

All of the NSAIDS analgesics are oto-hostile re. tinnitus, and there are lots of "treatments"but little reliable information on success rates of the treatments. Good luck with it.

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A few comments:

First and foremost, thanks very much Ted and PS Audio for continuing to update the DS Sr.

Second, I happily cancelled my Marketplace listing of my DS Sr. so I can experience the upcoming Mountaintop release.

Third, FWIW, I was misdiagnosed for years with tinnitus. Turned out the clicking sound I was hearing was being caused by palatal tremor (formerly known as palatal myoclonus). Palatal tremor is much less common than tinnitus, but unlike tinnitus, relief is available . . . in the form of periodic Botox shots into the back of the roof of the mouth via what is perhaps the longest needle the universe has ever seen.



-Glad you’re staying in the fold!


Do you foresee quadrate DSD via I2S being made available to DS owners in the not-too-distant future? I’m sure the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 users would have some fun with it too.

I should have it in the first release of software after the TSS. It needs a little testing since there are places in the code that, tho capable of quadrate, make assumptions that the rate is 352.8k or below.

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Excellent. Can’t wait!

thank you ! looking forward to your new release of the software upgrade their are two piece of equipment that will stay in my system 1. Don Sach tube pre-amp 2 & the Directstream DAC Sr. although I own two more DAC a Schiit Gungnir & and Chord , the rest of the equipment can come and go , just one question I changed both fuses in my DS to the Audio Magic SHD Beewax Ultimate , so my question is ! are both fuses “active” or is it just 1 if so which one ?:innocent:

Only the one marked “Digital” is used. Think of the other as the spare :slight_smile:


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Thanks Ted I am getting a Bridge 2 card I will than take the other fuse out and keep it as spare

Rock on brother ted !! :slight_smile: looking forward to the release. Time to get my new SD card I suppose so I’m ready to go when ps audio is! Thanks Tim.

I’d vote for a simultaneous pic code change to enable soft start with deactivated screen!

So quadrate DSD via I2S would be for the DS SR? If so, does that mean I would be able to play my DSD 128 and DSD 256 files through my USB jump drive via the USB input on the DS Memory Player connected I2S to DS SR?

I don’t know if the DMP can send quadrate. It’s not what you asked but I do know that the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 will accept quadrate over USB and can output it via I2S: I’m using it to test the various inputs on the TSS.

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Wow. I have no quad rate. But time to get some. Any opinions on the quad sound? Thx tim

As the sample rate goes up the S/N gets better, but there’s also more noise from jitter as the clock rate gets higher. At some point there’s more new noise from jitter than there is a reduction in noise from the higher sample rate.

For single bit DSD the crossover is somewhere a little above double rate and well below quad rate.

I’m not saying quad rate, octal, etc. don’t sound different but at some point that difference isn’t more quality, it’s just different.

I don’t have much quad rate yet either, but I got some at the last RMAF from Dave Robinson of Positive Feedback (I think.)


…I got some quad rate the other day when I had a double espresso and a brownie. Needless to say, there was a lot of residual jitter and things sounded -----jittery.