Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

This seems worth bringing up again. :). So what’s going on w the upgrade? Is there any new pic code or is that stable now? Ie - are we just waiting on a compile pick? How does your significant other feel about this one ted?? :slight_smile:

I can’t answer for PS Audio, so far they like what they have from me and have done a quick listen to a bunch of a previous possible release, I fixed a minor issue and they’re somewhere along the process of listening to many of the new one, but it’s not done till it’s done. We like it here.


That is a great thing. I just found the mid bass so satisfying in Snowmass. I am hoping the new release maintains that direction. I didn’t want to try it initially because I was so happy w redcloud - but after a week I upgraded and I found Snowmass fantastic. It was exactly what the dr ordered.


TED, would it be possible to include an option to softstart the DS with display switched off?


It’s probably possible, but I don’t do non FPGA coding for PS Audio, they’d have to do it.

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Thanks, so this would be a wish from my side for PSA to be able to set display off optionally from start with the usual ability to switch it on by remote in case of need :wink:

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Though we are taking our time with this next release I can share with you some preliminary findings that I think you’ll like. The quick summary is that this new mountaintop maintains everything in Snowmass but adds richness and dimensionality lacking in Snowmass.
It’s a fairly significant upgrade and I think folks will be really excited. Don’t look for anything soon. It’ll be at least until September before we’re ready to begin testing.



It remains a fascinating process.

I always have to smile when repeatedly reading that new firmware releases add richness (also Snowmass did in most setups and the DS as such is no negatively analytical sounding unit anyway compared to others), as in early discussions about vinyl vs. DS sound, the one or other stated, that if vinyl sounds richer, it must be less accurate, can only come from artifacts and is not the correct sound :wink:

I remember predicting, that as soon as a new DS release shows up addressing this, the same people will prefer it.

This doesn’t mean that I think vinyl playback is or should be a benchmark for digital sound.

I think all experienced audiophiles are aware that there’s always something lacking (in vinyl or digital), we just don’t allow it to be said about a brand new development :wink:

Every time I hear about another firmware update for the DSD it puts a smile on my face. It’s one of the few audio products out there that continues to improve over time, and the fact PSA offers these updates to their products free of charge is the icing on the cake.


Amen to that!! Including the smile on my face.

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You summarized very well the fact that made me decide to buy DS Senior about a year and a half, I could confirm with Snowmass and coming from Paul, I’m sure the reports of improvement will be confirmed!

I love that whatever this next mountain top brings, I have the option to make changes easily and decide what works best for me. Thank you Ted and Paul. My DS purchase remains as good a decision today as I thought it was 2 yrs ago.

Paul please be sure to include me in the beta testing! I would love to help.

You bet! Stay tuned for our beta tester calls.


The reviews of snowmass are what made me pull the trigger as well. It’s a hell of a concept. It’s also why I’ll strongly consider the TSS eventually when it drops. Looking forward to this new installment even if it’s not dramatic.


Looking forward to the beta testing.

It would be nice for the DS to get some richness and fullness.

That has always been it’s weak point that has had users moving on to dCS and tube DAC’s like Lampizator albeit at higher prices.

I set up a DS for a friend who has a Netgear router. I forgot the exact model but its big one with lots of antenna. He is experiencing the same thing as you.

I don’t with my own DS. It never gets disconnected from my Asus RT-AC87 router.

I asked a friend who is knowledgeable in IT and he thinks assigning a fixed IP address for the DS will solve the problem. He says this can be done from the setup web page of the router. I’ll give it a try next time I visit my friend.

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