I would like to stop using EMM, which has quite a number of bugs, and start using J River. However, I am not willing to give up gapless playback. I understand from looking around here that there is something called Wavestream that will resolve this for me, but I am unclear as to what it is. I think it is it software that I run on my music server, but I am not sure. Also, is it still in alpha, or has it made its way to beta, or even production. More important than all that, is it stable and can I get a copy?


Wavestream at this stage is in Alpha stage, the Windows version is distributed to a closed test group. As far as I know the Mac (OSX) version has not been released yet. These two operating systems are supported, so this is what your server needs to run. At this moment only test group has a copy.


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Any idea when it will enter beta? I would like to be part of that group.