We also love cars


Having torn a couple of propeller shafts in two, I am pleased attention has been given this part.


@elk- these are just a couple of non detailed views. I designed the radiator… let me see if I can upload the drawing. I sent them a VISIO initially and then their engineers translated it into CAD. I then went through 3 iterations to get it right. This was the final and it fit perfect right out of the box.

This car was a tribute to my son Richard. He died at 8 years old in a traffic accident. Speed Racer was his favorite cartoon. When I work on my car in my shop, this is what I wear. We work together. His birthday was last week. This car is very, very special to me and I will die with this car in my possession. The reason I have a Mach V on my component rack.


Truly, my deepest sympathy.


Both of my old 911’s sound great but the original speakers are rotted. The original Becker radios do work, though.


This is my baby. It is my most cherished possession because it represents all the good in me… designing and building it with my son in my heart. Driving it with him in the passenger seat, like we use to ride together. I just miss him so much. He was an amazing son. He really taught me what love is, from the first day I held him in my arms and gave him his first bath. Life is so precious… there by the grace of God go thee…


Wait, what?? A dear friend with lots of disposable cash just took delivery of his Porsche 911 Turbo S cabriolet.
Here’s what the numbers were on the window sticker (first, get your digitalis)…
Base price:$203,292.
Options!!!: $65,014.
“accessories”: $18,018.
Seemed to me that at $200K, shouldn’t everything be included? But then I remembered that we can spend more on an amplifier or speakers…


@RonP - yeah, those cars are very expensive.


It struck me as so hilarious because my first house in 1977 cost just $2K more than the options. I guess I’m just showing my age…


I just took delivery on this last Saturday… :slight_smile: This car is scary fast and corners on rails. 650HP LT4 supercharged. It has an ECO mode, three settings from track… just toooooo funny… what do you do, ride home from the track in ECO to save money on gas… I was laughing my butt off when I rotated the ride selection to ECO. It’s nice to have variable valve timing… but HEY! WFT over…

2 Channel - $150 one time cost for 20GB WiFi for the year. Using my TIDAL & Pandora w/ Pioneer DXP-100R (BT) in the Vette on my trip from AZ to Cali every couple of months. Man does it sound great!


Holy mother of .... BHK Signature Preamp

That looks amazing!


Yeah, this is a really cool driving car and you can hurt yourself. My wife found out when she put her foot into it today coming back from breakfast. Scared the crap out of her… it is really tame till you put your foot down and then it is a beast… the ECO mode had me laughing so hard… like, really an eco mode in this beast…


Not the same category, but when we moved back from the UK we had to get a car again (didn’t have one for the 5 years in London). We looked for diesel as it was ground into us from being in Europe as what we should get. Test drove some and it was alright, then the wife tried the 3.5L twin turbo X3 and that was the end of diesel. Still scares her when she mashes the gas. Can’t imagine what that one is like. Though the wife got me three laps in a Hurucan (sp?) in April for Christmas


My buddy did the Huracan laps at Vegas Speedway and it was really fun; loved it. You will have a great time. Now that is a great wife! Yeah, what is the point in having a car in London… We have a 2015 RR Evoque with turbo and that has some get up and go; however, this car is a just a beast. Cars are funny, everyone has their favorite. They’re so personal; no right or wrong, like 2 channel or bicycles. What ever floats your boat. No one is getting out alive in this lifetime so you mine as well enjoy what makes you happy… not what someone else thinks is cool… that’s what I like about this forum… so many great ideas and great equipment… as long as you sit back and smile when listening to your tunes… your decisions were solid… same as cars and bicycles…

Well glad your back in the states. We visited London and had a great time; people were really nice and a lot to see for the few times we were there. Also visited friends in Luton and Stalybridge. Been to Manchester, Liverpool, Dover… the touristy stuff…


Yeah, busting out of the garage… RR Evoque is in the driveway…


Well I have a car in London (2011 1.6litre Golf diesel) and the only time I took it into the centre of town recently was to pick up some audio (Devialet Reactor), only because it was raining, otherwise I would have taken the bus. Taking the tube (train) or bus is so much easier and more pleasant than driving.

My father, who lives mostly in London, and is turning 82 next week, has one of these - in this colour.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium

We all find it very funny.

He also has one of these:

which I find rather funny.


Subliminally, that all-in-one may be why you now own a Devaliet ; ). Though it may be more of a Vinnie Rossi inspiration.


I’m not sure that Aiwa system could inspire anything …


I thought a pre-amplifier was excessive, but 5 cars? In a couple of years we will have one car and it will be electric.


NO! Do not say such dreadful things. Even in jest.


About cars or pre-amplifiers? (Us Europeans like integrated amps)

I once had one of these:

I think mine didn’t have the go-faster stripes, and one winter we had to get out and push it uphill.

It cost £1,500, three time my lifetime expenditure on pre-amplifiers.