We also love cars


“[O]ne car and it will be electric” is an obscene phrase.


Soon no one will have to own cars to get from A to B, and no one will be needed to drive them. “The kids” are already realizing they are not worth owning purely for transport purposes, unless you live far from your job.


And in the grand American tradition of over achieving baby boomers I have 7 license plates and walk 100 yards to work. :sunglasses:


Please take that back!!! Ugh!


Now this is starting to get depressing.


Note that I said “purely for transport”. They will be like tube amps and vintage vinyl (something the cool kids also already get) in that they will own them for the sheer fun of it, and use to drive nowhere in particular.

I predict a revival in Drive-In restaurants and Theaters in about 20 years. Most Bitchin’ car wins.


Whew! Thanks Mr Beef. I was getting light headed and sweaty.
And wow, would I love a good drive-in theater AND restaurant.


Friend of a friend of mine here in Boulder has 40-something vintage Porches. It has something to do with Space, and lots of it. Steven is stuck in London, where that sort of thing is prohibitive/nutty/impossible.


That would drive me nuts. I just jettisoned 5 guitars because they didn’t work for their keep.


This is what Honda Civics are for.


Hmmmm…if it wasn’t WAY before its time, I would get a plot of land, put in a state of the art concert-scale video projection system, and for audio, not just the funky metal mono speaker you hang on the window, but an auto-interior-scaled, wireless 5.1 system awaiting on the tray for every car.

At the concession stand, gourmet whatever-is-happening at the moment for takeout or delivered to your car by beautiful human of choice.

It would be awesome. One could lose SO much money : )


Yeah - but why buy any car when you are young and live in a city where you can get on a bus or train or Uber? When you do the math, cars no longer make sense in that environment. Payments, parking, maintenance…

We came from the “Two cars in Every Garage” period of History. Made sense then, and was aspirational. Many Millenials will Never have a garage, and have to find a spot on the street to park every day. Assuming they have a car.

For many of us old-schoolers, praise Jah, we have so dang much land in the rest of the country, that that scenario is a non-starter.


“Porsche”, Beef…and it’s two syllables. Careful…


: )

I was talking about Porches. He’s a house builder ; )




(I think he’s got it!)

Singing, dancing, and A Musical ensues. Then everyone burns rubber.

Free concept for 42nd Street.


I’ll play…

No, it’s certainly not a Porsche 911, nor is is a C7 Corvette, but it can hang with a lot of them quite well.

My daily is a 2016 Nissan 370Z, and it’s long from being stock however.

Full cold air intake, full exhaust and test pipes, match ported and polished upper and lower intake manifolds, match ported, polished and bored out throttle bodies (from 60mm to 65mm), flash tune with launch control, variable torque at launch, 2-stage rev limiter, and one hell of an engine overrun with a lot of nice sounds, and sometimes some shooting flames.

Weighing it at just 3155 (stock is 3274), and roughly 400 hp at the crank, I’m moving about 7.8 lbs per horsepower, which ain’t too shabby.

Fully adjustable coil over suspension and upgraded Nismo wheels with stock size 245/40-19’s front and 285/35-19’s rear, soon to be upsized to 265/35-19’s front and 305/30-19’s in the rear. If I’m feeling really frisky, I might go with 285’s front and 325’s rear. And yes, they will easily fit without rubbing or bottoming, and on the stock Nismo wheels.

I also upgraded the stereo system in it which I hardly ever use, but it’s there when I want it. It starts with a Pioneer AVH-X491BHS head unit with built-in DSP, which feeds a fully digital Arc Audio XDi1200.6 6-ch amp which is good for 150 x 4 and 600 x 1 (last two channels bridged). For mids and highs I’m running Stereo Integrity TM65MkII mids and M25 tweeters. For bass, I’m running a pair of dual 4 ohm VC 8" passive Bazooka subs wired in series/parallel.

Yeah, I know, Bazooka subs. Honestly, when set up correctly and fed enough power, they do amazingly good. I’ve had people think I’m running a single JL 12. The amp and subs are completely hidden under the stock floor and carpet in the rear of the car. With that being said, if I ever find someone who wants to take on the job of doing a fiberglass enclosure, I have an Alpine dual 2 ohm Type S 15" sub sitting here, waiting to go in, under the floor.


An old girl friend thought that based on the pronunciation --Porshuhh, that they were made in France. Yikes!


Exactly. My elder son got a driving license over 3 years ago and since then has driven once, about 6 miles.

Taxes for driving into London in a CO2 emitting car - anywhere inside a ring road that goes about 8 miles from the centre - will in 2 years be so penal that only an electric car will be viable.

Holy mother of .... BHK Signature Preamp

time to move


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