Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary or Audioengine HDP6

Have you heard them? Please share your thoughts if you have.

Well. The silence indicated that the Dentons should be the ones. Tomorrow they arrive. Will break-in with Stellars, then move them with the Sprout100 and the turntable fir the complete vintage look and feel. The Elac’s B6.2 will move to the garage setup for cigar smoking when the weather is not optimal.

I do have the Denton 80th Anniversary bookshelf speakers in my bedroom system. I did try them in my main living room system and found the Denton more on the warm and full side. Bass was acceptable for a small speaker. My main speakers were clearer, more detail, more extended both highs and lows as expected from a much larger speaker. I felt the Denton were very musical and natural sounding overall. But get rid of the grills. They muffle the sound quite a bit and if you bring them closer to the wall, you will get a lot more bass.

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Thanks for replying. That’s what reading owner impressions agreed on. Thanks for letting me know about the grills affecting the sound.

This will be more of a cute and quaint setup for entertaining and being a conversation piece(for wife’s delight and aesthetic without compromise to my standards :slight_smile: ). So more background playing than dedicated listening.

The Dentons are gorgeous. My wife was blown away by their retro 1960’s looks and she’s extremely pleased with the whole setup. The sound? Musical indeed. Sit back and enjoy, kind of sound.

PS: She prefers the grills on. Enfatuation.

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My wife also prefer the grills on, but it does not look too bad with the grills off since the face is the same nice wood as the rest of the speaker. Since my bedroom is not that critical, with the grills on is fine. Sound great anyway.

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