Wife Delivers Again - Sprout100 New Table

My wife surprised me again. This time she got tired of my testing bench where I had been keeping the retro system, and decided to gift me this great table. I still have separate stands if I want to work the room. I thought the table complemented the retro idea.

Sprout100 on new table


Oh man that looks great! How are you liking the Wharfdale Dentons? I’ve always enjoyed the way they look though I have not had the chance to hear them yet.

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Thanks! The Denton’s are so beautiful and unique if you understand their style. As far as the sound, it is simply non analitycal music enjoyment. I would say the Denton’s are for the secure-know-what-I-want kind of person. The looks will instantly deceive novices when they hear them and surprise the seasoned jaded ears when they discard their style as gimmicky.

I shall name the Denton an advanced listener speaker. :grinning:


Consider me sold! Non-analytical listening is some of the best listening :grin:

I’ll add them to my ever-expanding list of speakers I need to hear.


That’s awesome and such appropriate music for Sprout to get used to the system.

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