What are you listening to now (BACCH Edition)

Hard to tell since there are so many picture postings here. But Yosi Horikawa might be missing.


Lady Gaga reduced to a backup singer. Lots of great placements and soundstage depth.

Just weird but not Al Angen worthy.

Billy Eilish without obscene bass.

Not the best Hammond B3. Probably needs a tube swap but lots of wide soundstage. As for Van Morrison Gimme a Hammond B-3 with old tubes for better synthetic old pipes.


These two above are Bacch-dsp delights

Music everywhere. On these two. Great recordings!

As for this. Who can’t be mesmerized by a lady who comes in colors! Though just black and white and every shade between can be pretty darn exciting


Floating like a cloud.


@umiami91 I forgot to check Pigs before opening up the BACCH Mac Mini for transplants… and dust removal. I only have original Animals and 2022 Mix II (in BR and SACD). Will see if they reverted from the 2018 when I get everything put back together. A lot of crap loudness wars remasters are being redone as good work lately.

I am happy with my new GIK floor-standing full-range sound absorbers. Am thinking of getting two more that I can simply move around based on some sound test measurements and simply listening.

Al’s kitty litter inspired me try some Lego in the meantime. Might be absorbing and diffusing at the same time. Checking with U-BACCH, the right-side effect extended further than before. But is smeared across a range.

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Whoops. Sorry just realised UMiami posted about Animals on another thread. Apologies for mixing.

All good. The 2022 is 2018; the release just got delayed by Floyd idiocy. I’d blame it all on Waters because he’s such an easy target, but they all seem to have lost the capacity to be decent to each other and the fans.

I heard Waters’s new version of Money on his upcoming “reimagined” Dark Side of the Moon and it’s…awful. True classics should be left alone.

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The lego must be in sacks and not in boxes for absorption. You can also build beautiful diffusers with it.:wink:

All ancient recordings but clear a a bell images from everywhere. Why do newer recordings miss the mark 9 out of 10 times.


And Protools?

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Enjoying Steve’s playlist doing shuffle on Roon. Surprised there are a couple others. It is a kick hearing songs I shared hear and Steve aded. Thanks! @Steve08226


Acid Pauli – Get Lost V (2012, CD) - Discogs

When I ask myself, “How do others see me?”, I think this picture.

Pet me? Oh hell no.


PSA for the BACCH-Heads out there.

Whether it is the type of music you typically enjoy or not, I suspect you might really enjoy listening to the “effects” on Michael Jackson’s “Bad” as wrought by the BACCH software.

There is a point in the track (you will know it when you hear it) where a left-right-left-right… effect is really cool. Coincidentally(?), I was listening to this song last night for the first time with the AirLens feeding the DS Sr. and realized the sound was actually coming out in a swirling Figure-8 pattern.

I have never heard anything quite like the way this was moving around front to back and side to side on the X-axis.

Please let me know what you hear with the BACCH software engaged if you get a chance.


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anyone near Sarasota to show me Bacch’s charms?

Has anyone updated their MAC mini to IOS version 13.5? I emailed Edgar on July 25th to inquire if I could do so. He stated that he had not tested the new version yet and he would get back to me. He has not gotten back to me yet.
I was wondering if anyone might have done so inadvertently with no negative impact.



Interesting must be like a wholotta love that does a figure 8 left t right on my system pre bacch.

i was listening to Bacch playlist again last night after tweaking RF and EM reduction an the bacch4mac processor and heard Freddie’s voice ceiling to floor room height voice differenc ein in 4 to 5 feet on this lyric on my 8 foot line array phantom center. I wanted to think it was in recording but maybe :thinking: I was sensing location of driver center rom a one inch dome at ear height to center of a 12” woofer. Regardless it was pretty stunning WOW effect, as if maybe it was planned. But probably just Mercury’s vocal range and clarity of the recording and resolving ability becoming so much better on my system post tweak.

“ I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I’m easy come, easy go, little high, little low.”

My previous Bacch revelation on this song was the “ Sends shivers down my spine, ” Lyric ith someone playin chimes in the background. This time the vocal and the chimes being played down in pitch, were out into the room and not far away back of the stage pre tweak.

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I asked same questions a while back too. They usually wait for other Bacch algorithm upgrades to get in line. There is a version 14 that will be incompatible with Baby Face FS drivers that is a bigger worry. Edgar felt that will be available in time

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Thank you Sir! You are the BACCH Man!

When my Eero system reports what my BACCH-SP adio is it says it’s an Apple Product. I am guessing it’s an Apple Mini inside without the aluminum shell.

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