What are you listening to/watching on YouTube?


Wow, this sounds incredible even though my soundbar.

Excellent play list as well.

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That was a good find. I’ve subscribed to his or her channel, but scooping playlists is difficult. They’ve got pointers to Spotify, but the link seems broken, and to Tidal, but I don’t have a subscription.

I wish there was a universal, easy way to get a list.

Here’s most of them, per Shazam:

  1. Mari Boine - Vuollge Mu Mielde Bassivarrai
  2. Lara Fabian - Bambina
  3. Friend 'n Fellow - Light My Fire
  4. Daniel and Carey Domb - Schubert Serenade
  5. Michael Rabin - Violin Concerto No. 1 (Paganini, I think)
  6. Dean Peer - Mars
  7. Fink - Trouble’s What You’re In
  8. Vail Johnson - Kick Off
  9. (Some kind of Kodo Drum track…unidentified)
  10. Chris Rea - The Mention of Your Name
  11. Nightwish - Our Decades of the Sum
  12. Largo - Durch das Dickicht zur Lagune
  13. Huang Thanh - The Awaiting

Some may be out of order a little. Some may be completely wrong. But here you are.

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Thanks @tmmuchcox-net That’s helpful.

I’ll put that together via Qobuz and Roon. Seems I already have a few of those in my ‘demo set’.