What are you listening to/watching on YouTube?

would never work, physically, in my set up, and they do seem silly (size and price). Given that, I’d love to try them. I absolutely love my shunyata denali/typhon with 3m omega xc power cord.

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Fabulous, exciting! Is there a Kennedy Center recording available?

There are several CD’s on Amazon listed as “Unavailable”. Looks like there are many available as downloads and CD on her website.


Apologies, I meant of her performance at the Kennedy.

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One of the most talented musicians ever. Also one of the nicest people ever.
As Rick says, you’ve heard Chuck a million times.

Amazing music compilation for demonstrating audiophile systems’ capabilities.

My wife found this on flip.it, it’s a hoot!

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I like to watch video of live shows at The Funky Biscuit.

The sound is not hifi but the video is decent (IMO). It’s worth a look if you like blues-rock.

Got a good laugh viewing the Eddie Van Halen painted typewriter. Very clever.

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Really fun!

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I keep expecting Puss 'n Boots to appear and dance.


I can picture that.

Great display of skill, if a little over the top.

Coincidentally, my wife shared this with me only this morning.

Who knew there were so many notes stored on a guitar? :notes:

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I found this to be thoughtful and interesting:

Worth your time if you are trying to wring the best from your various digital sources.*

PSA gets some love as well, which is a bonus.


*The video is a bit old, but I believe the observations and principles Mr. Darko gloms onto are still relevant today.

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Great stuff.

If you have not yet watched the Peter Jackson documentary that was recently released, “Get Back”, I recommend it highly.