What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk. 2)


Was Danny Kirwan on this record ?


Yep, his first with FM. He carried FM after Green left. Loved Kiln House, the last FM album that interested me. Better to go backwards from Then Play On.


Thanks !
I never cared for the sugary pop that came after Kiln House.


Concur. It’s really weird that the namesakes of the band were the only carryovers after all those years.


Well, they went for the do-re-mi and lots ofcocaine.


Thread has BLOWN UP! Still love this record. A modern recording that just sounds right: a pretty rare thing.



Came out when I was in High School and sat right next to my Beatles records on my favorites pile.


Track: Five Man Army

The album is the first masterpiece of trip hop, before anyone had coined the genre. 1991. Word.

Groove, Dub, Dance…


Ridiculously great record. Changed my mind about electronic music…or whatever you called it.



An all time Rhino Records favorite…Ballero.



Listening to this again. Actually, watching it. I bought the DVD (first DVD purchase I’ve made in a long time). Great concept and great performance.



Try this one, about 10 years later…


@bootzilla Good choice. I listened to it the other night.


@amsco15 Also a keeper. Nice.


From the NOLA Andrews family in a great Frenchman Street club.


REALLY good music.


Yes, amazing!