What are you spinning right now?


Jacky Terasson & Cassandra Wilson “Rendezvous” Blue Note cd. What a wonderful release.


A few weeks ago I listened to the originally released version of this with differing personnel because I couldn’t find the copy of this version I had. . . . I ended up ordering a new reissue of the session with Dolphy from Japan.

I like both versions. I’ve purposefully been staying away from Ellington material because I feel a bit Ducal listening spree on the horizon and didn’t want to jump start it (winter somehow brings me to Dukes musical world) but darn it I can’t help it, Hamilton and group have such a nice view into these compositions.


Maybe we should start a new thread: “Which Donald Are You Listening to Right Now?”


With post #10,000 in this epic thread nearly upon us, I thought it was a good time for a thread-related poll …

POLL: Predict the Number of Posts in this Thread at the Point the Government Shutdown Ends:

  • Less than 10,000 Posts
  • 10,000 to 10,500 Posts
  • 10,501 to 11,000 Posts
  • 11,001 to 11,500 Posts
  • 11,501 to 12,000 Posts
  • 12,001 to 12,500 Posts
  • 12,501 to 13,000 Posts
  • More than 13,000 Posts

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Good (and funny) idea.


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith’s hard-driving instrumental jazz-rock side project, recorded live in 2009 at the legendary Baked Potato in North Hollywood. This album shreds (as well it should, with its cover art homage to the 1977 Kiss album, Love Gun)!

Image result for live meat and potatoes by smith, chad bombastic meatbats [music cd]




This is one of my favorite hip-hop albums, with cover art inspired by the 1964 Donald Byrd album, A New Perspective.


Just swapped tubes: Amperex 7308 for Brimar CV4003. Wow do female vocals shine so sweetly with these.


Music for a government shutdown…


Via Tidal MQA…


New on Qobuz. 24/96. There is an educational undertone to this album to illustrate the manner in which composers and performers travelled to improve their style. For those of us past all hope of further education the cello sonatas were enjoyable and the interminable flute ones less so. Informative and … educational … album notes


“Complete Sonny Rollins Live in Japan”

This just came in from cdJapan and I have never heard this concert before in its complete form. Parts of it when Sonny is laying out sound like the Grateful Dead. . . surprised me.



The Future Sounds of London - Lifeforms

Thought it appropriate as we’re headed to London tomorrow.



Melodic and soothing Native-influenced music infused with sounds of nature. I’ve had this CD forever, and I had no idea how good it sounded until I listened to it on my new PS Audio gear. Lost myself in an immense soundstage of rhythmic and mesmerizing shaman drum beats, and Lakota chants.


Klaus Huber (1924-2017): works for orchestra and ensemble


I do not remember having listened to Handel’s Trio Sonatas before. After having heard to a lot of Savall/Hesperion recently the sound is lighter and less sonorous. Still very enjoyable.