What CD transports people use into their DSD?

Agreed the Jay’s is a special piece. Add an AQ Firebird 48 HDMI cable and heaven on redbook CDs.

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I hate this place. Now I’m curious about this jay’s thing.


Jay’s is my fave piece of equipment. I periodically wonder about upgrades but never on the transport. Or my Iconoclast speaker cables.


Maybe playing red book CD’s the Jay’s is equal to the PST, but what I’m saying is playing red book and the DSD layer on the PST is definitely not equal. I hear more resolution with the DSD layer. There’s definitely more ones and zeros in the DSD layer. As for reliability, time will tell, but my feelings are the Jay’s will be more future trouble free from the feedback on how much bugs are still with the PST.

I wanted to add playing some Japanese single layered SACD’s really made me believe what this SACD can do. It can sound even better than a high end server like the Aurender N-10.


Just ordered an AQ Thunderbird 48 HDMI cable to go from my Jay’s Audio transport to DS DAC. This will replace my older version of the AQ Vodka HDMI. Hope this pricey cable is worth it. Not able to swing the Firebird or Dragon and don’t those cables use batteries for the DBS system? Even audiophiles need to have limits am I right?


You should check out a used Perfectwave transport from 9 or 10 years ago. They are offered on Audiogon for between $1000-$1500.I am using my original Perfectwave transport to Directstream dac and am very happy. I have my transport 9 years now and it has played without issue. I highly recommend this transport and you can use an HDMI cable between it and Directstream dac for I2S connection.


There are a couple of PSA PWT’s available over on A-gon at the moment.

Here is one:


I had been using an Oppo 205 as a transport, and with a converting board that I could play SACD disc using i2s to DS. But PST is just so much better in SQ in playing red book and SACD. I sold my Oppo at a nice profit, but all that profit went to helping Japan economy for their SACDs. Last I checked I have over 200 SACDs purchased in just last year, and they are still growing; one drawback from owning a PST.