How do you guys clean the glossy tops of the BHK Pre, DS DACs, etc?


Just wondering how everyone else is doing it? How do you effectively deal with dust? I wonder if baby wipes are safe to use… :thinking:

This is all that I use. Swipe it across the top very lightly and all the dust is gone.

I use Swifters all the time. I keep a box handy. I use a product called “Insulator Wax” by Collinator No. 845. I discovered this when I was obsessed with Black cars. I’ve moved to white vehicles but it’s still good. Puts an eternal finish on the PS Audio devices tops and my gloss SVS subs and black Kefs.

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@mycrowave @watchdog507

Got it! Thanks for the tips guys.

You can treat the top like an automobile’s finish.

That’s a great question @lopezjm.

Personally I use microfiber towels, like the ones used to polish wine glasses. They are cheap, multipurpose and last a long time.


Another Swiffer user. I also use The Original Bee’s Wax to put a protective coating on the surface.

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I was unaware Riedel offered a branded microfiber cloth.

Those silly Austrians. :slight_smile:

I carefully remove the dust with a swiffer duster, than squirt a little Vinegar Windex on it an wipe it with a Bounty paper towel. Cleans it up nicely and does not cause an scratches.

A rotary grinder followed by 180 grit sandpaper.

Okay, that’s not exactly true - I use microfiber cloth that I actually keep in a ziploc bag along with some distilled water.

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I use P21S automotive polish. What an enormous improvement in bass. :grinning: