What do you think about this AC-10?


We agree here, disagree here and mostly learn here. And for the most, people remain respectful. No reason for you to go.


I am with Ron. We would prefer you stay. We do not necessarily agree on anything, including what music to listen to, but this is a remarkably congenial group with members that like to learn and share experiences.

There is no problem if you think digital cables and power cords make no difference. Others find they do. I am on the fence with respect to power cords. But I try to keep an open mind and to listen and learn from others.

And keep in mind, you were the one that started this particular line of discussion, that power cords make no difference.


I’m with Elk, but I have heard subtle but distinct improvements from using quality power cords (most PSA AC10’s I my case) so lean towards one side of this fence. There is a danger in assuming we completely understand everything that is going on (“it’s just wire”). Often we may not understand why things make a difference, but that doesn’t mean they don’t.