What exactly does the Dectet do?

As the title states…


I’ve read all that.

Does it protect against lightning strikes?
Is it doing some sort of filtering of the line? And if so, what type?
Basically what would a person expect if they used one?
Yes I’ve read all the “greater imaging” and other audiophile descriptions. But I’m looking for a more practical description. If I bought it, can I sleep well at night knowing my equipment is protected?

The issue of lightning strike protection probably isn’t a yes or no proposition. Where the bolt strikes in proximity to your home has a lot to do with it. A direct strike to an overhead line coming into your home is going to be so powerful I doubt anything would offer 100% protection to sensitive equipment. I have a large “whole house” surge protector installed outside the house directly opposite our main electrical panel and we also have underground utilities. A lightning strike hit the ground right beside our house where the neighborhood electrical line branched into our home. Everything in the house was fine except for the the door bell circuit transformer and the circuit board in the garage door opener, both of which required replacement. There is variability among conditioner/distributor manufacturers as to how much technical information is disclosed about their protection parameters (Furman is noteworthy in that regard.) If you read the published specs for the Dectet, it offers +20% and -25% voltage regulation for the intended voltage operation. What we don’t know is how fast the circuit clamps and I would suspect that can affect whether delicate and sensitive circuit traces are damaged in the event of a direct lighting strike.


Yup, it’s little things like that that I’m trying to understand. I don’t expect anything to realistically guarantee 100% protection but it would be nice to get an idea if a device is highly likely to help or just “maybe”.