Dectet vs. PowerBase

I wonder if there is any difference in filter topology between Dectet and PowerBase? For example, if I place Dectet between wall outlet and Power Plant will it be as effective in filtering mains distortion as PowerBase (I am not taking into account PB’s vibroisolation qualities now)?

Thanks in advance.

A great question. I can only speculate.

The internal circuitry of the PowerBase filter and the Dectet are the same. The Dectet does, however, also have protection from surges and spikes by use of limiting diode clamps, and the PowerBase does not, it is just a pure AC filter.

Thank you very much for the reply Paul and thank you for your attention Elk.

I have just one more question. The PB has only two outlets, they are equal in performance and suppose to be HC (high current). The Dectet has three zones. Do all of the zones do the dame work as the PB? Which one should I use to connect PP?

All three zones on the Dectet are the same.

Thanks, Paul, and very interesting.

Perhaps this should be added to the product descriptions. Others are probably making this same shopping comparison.

Thanks a lot! This is a very helpful information.