What is the difference between

I have just been asked, what is the difference between the M700 and M1200, apart from weight, price and power output?

Ah, my friend; a tubed input…is the calling card here…
there to delight your ears on the hearing it sing!!

Best wishess

The size is different, too. :wink:

The tube input stage is really nice in the 1200s. Also, the 1200’s output is smoother and more effortless. They come damn near to sounding like a linear amps.

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I’ve owned the 700s and now own the 1200s. If I’d never heard the 1200s I could have been happy for many a year with the 700s. Once you’ve heard the 1200s, there’s no going back. They are absolutely effortless in their presentation. Never strained, non fatiguing, just flat out amazing. If you’re a bass fan you’d be hooked as well. It’s deeper and more powerful, yes, but also just down right tuneful (if that’s a word). These amps make you want to grab disc after disc, LP after LP until it’s well past your bed time. You find yourself wrapped up in the music, not your gear. Highly recommended.