What is the setting Unit Lockout?

Hi, what is the setting “Unit Lockout” doing? Sorry if this setting is explained in the P15 manual, but I’ve found nothing about it. Because I am blind it might be that some content of the manual is not displayed with my screen reading software…

I’m not certain what “Unit Lockout” is referring to. Is this over the PowerPlay site?

No, its in the webinterface of the P15. Just open the configuration menu, there it is the second setting just after the unit name.

I actually don’t know what the purpose of this is. Because I don’t have a PowerPlant connected to my network, I’m not able to go into the config through the network using the IP address. Maybe someone else can see what the purpose of this is.

This question has been asked before, quite some time ago. We did not figure it out then. Perhaps someone will this time.

I am guessing since it is only on the web interface menu, it is some kind of security mechanism to keep out unwanted web users or to lock out a user after failed login attempts.

Ill look on mine when I get home.


Here’s the switch he’s talking about.

So, anyone brave enough to click on it? I’m not. :grimacing:

Not me :thinking:

I “feel” like it will make the unit’s front panel interface inoperable but have no idea if this is correct or not.

Has anyone determined what this does?

@jamesh ?

I still haven’t tested it. Want to give it a shot?

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C‘mon boys, who’s the first to start the global self destruction sequence? Who dares wins! :sunglasses:


If I can RDP into your system, I’ll gladly test this “feature” remotely on your system. :wink:

Ha, if I could remote into yours, I would have pressed it already… :grin: :rofl:


I asked around a little bit and got an answer. Seems a little weird but it locks out the display. I guess we added it in for the custom install market. Not sure who’d ever use it :man_shrugging:

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I would have never guessed.