What’s on your plate tonight

My wife and my children are traveling around Western Europe for two weeks. I have too much going on at work. So it’s me and the Spanish Water Dog, Mulligan holding down the fort.

A quick look in the freezer and I came up with a menu item from my past.

I made a variation of Veal Oscar. I only had “Prime” striploins and lobster tails. Bernaise sauce wasn’t from scratch. A nice Meursault finished the offering.


Nice plate. Is that a Royal Doulton pattern?

Villeroy and Boch, Petite Fleurs

… and the pattern represents the only vegetables on the plate. :smirk:

Damn I’ve been snagged.

No worries. It’s what we do when she isn’t around.

If I’m eating alone, it’s usually over the sink.

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It’s usually my Daughter who’s studying to be a Doctor who gets on my case about veggies. I did eat a salad though. So I’m saved.

Just tell her you’re eating keto…