What’s on for Dinner and Drinks

We need a foodie thread. Today’s dinner was: Grilled Loin Chops, Greek Salad, local Spinach salad, Greek Feta, BBQ Corn. Spicy Caesar Cocktail for me.


Tonight I prepared a lemon-herb chicken breast, rice pilaf, sweet peas, and I had sparkling mineral water and my wife Lactaid with ice cubes (go figure, she likes ice cubes in milk). We had some Thin Mint girl scout cookies for dessert.


Chopped Salad with Souvlaki Chicken

And a Bloody Mary extra spicy

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i should have photographed it, but, i had an excellent grilled cheese sandwich, brown “nutty” bread, 4 rounds, very good mature cheddar cheese, grilled in such a way as the cheese is warm, but not melted (cheese should never be melted), with 4 pieces of thin sliced malt loaf, buttered, all washed down with a big pre-warmed mug of tea. 100% cocoa chocolate for dessert, 4 small chunks.
My wife had 3 rounds of white bread cheese sandwiches, cut triangular (which takes skills making 3 rounds with rectangular bread), and a packet of quavers, again washed down with a mug of tea, served to her in bed as she is not so well with her CLL at the moment.

we don’t ever sit at the table to eat, as i have permanently covered it in half built gadgets and tools :wink:

A grand scoff all around!

I made NY strip steaks, seared on the stovetop in the carbon steel pan and finished at 500F in the oven, to 125 F.
Side of broccoli rabe sauteed in EV olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic, pink Himalayan salt.
Roasted brussel sprouts, black pepper, salt, ev olive oil
Daou, California cab


Tonight it’s my personal specialty, spaghetti and meatballs. Ummm ummm good. I think my wife married me because of it. That means tomorrow. . . meat ball subs and french fries. And Thursday. . . baked ziti.


That’s interesting as I’m the principal cook in the house. I’ve always enjoyed making food. I clean as I move along and after dinner is a breeze. My two youngest children are home. They’re young adults now and it’s a challenge making food that appeals to everyone at the same time. We always do a salad, then an entree with a protein, a starch and a vegetable(s). With COVID we’re not drinking much and we’re walking a lot with the dog. Weight is shedding as an unintended consequence, but a good one.

I’ve been the primary cook in the family through both of my marriages. It started that way because my late first wife and I had a pact: whoever got home first started cooking dinner. By both accident and design my wife was arriving home the latest every work-night and I just became the cook. In this marriage my wife is still working and she loves my cooking and so I have the cooking role. I tailor all my meals to the way that Lucy really likes them. . . and I often get bored of my cooking but she doesn’t seem to.

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I like to cook, especially since I retired.
Tonight will be poached salmon with a big salad and some La Cala Vermentino

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I AM KIDDING! In case any of you were taking that seriously.




Comin over

Your priorities are correct!

Yes - I’m Thawing Organic!

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This is the part I was kidding about. It has gotten hot here, so:


spill that on your lovely Harbeth and we’ll all have some harsh woids for yuh.

I was always taught to use a coaster, no matter what. The abundance of condensation, plus the lack of a coaster, on top of the Harbies!? I feel ill.


The bevs are still sitting there, sweating, making rings in the finish…because my butler is not here to fetch it for me at the moment. I am feeling thristy-ish, though…:yawning_face:. Damn.

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love ya buddy but that was a bad joke!