What XLR cables are you using

Wireworld 7’s or 8’s can’t remember exactly.

Hello fellow Neotec-cable fan! Years ago I used Neotec triple-UP-OCC-silver-conductor cables purchased from and assembled by Sonic Craft; these were used in my main preamp-to-poweramp runs of about 12- and 16-feet and in short lengths elsewhere… My next cables were AQ Dragons that sounded excellent overall… Then in a spirit of thowing…er…investing even more money in my system (because U can’t take it with U when U expire), I now have the long lengths (13 and 17 feet) of super-hi-quality Neotec UP-OCC NEO-1001…
…cable with Neotec XLRs, all from Sonic Craft, in my system… It’s not been running for very long, but it sounds excellent… And pls don’t ask me to describe the differences between the Dragon and the '1001, because I can’t…yet.


It would be interesting if you could say something. It doesn’t have to be a detailed description. What stands out between Dragon vs Neotech? Greetings Andreas

I just finished putting together my set of NEI-1001 + ETI Kryo. Mine are only 1m though, so a little more palatable price-wise. Also interested in your impressions of 1001 vs Dragon once they’re settled in.

Funny enough, the NEI-1001 is about 1.5mm smaller in diameter compared to the NEI-1002, and a bit more flexible as well. The space behind my rack is …cramped, so that was a welcome surprise.


Here are a couple pics of of my NEI-1001.

In the pic below we see the bundle from the preamp entering on the bottom of the pic, then one cable lapping around and entering the left-channel poweramp; I currently have the Aesthetix Atlas Eclipses connected.(1) The bundle continues to the center-and-surrounds amp (unseen) and then the main-right-channel signal goes on to the right-channel poweramp. The lower (maybe 2-1/2") glass cablelifters are IKEA ‘tea light’ candle holders; the taller black ones under the powercords are AQ Fog Lifters which I like especially because they keep the powercable raised inches over the IC.

I wish I had an opinion to share on the Neotecs vs. Dragons, but one observation is that it’s at least as good-sounding as the AQ Dragons. I have about 200 hours on the Neotecs, so I think it’s about time to organise a cable-listening party.

(1) Barely recognisable is the Classe Deta Mono poweramp in the dark-gray case ‘above’ the Atlas, and just peaking to the left and under the Classe is the Ayre MR-X poweramp. This pic…

…without the Atlases, should help to decipher the pic.


Is the NEI-1001 the same interconnect cable as the Neotech Amazon cable sold by The Cable Company?

No, the Amazon is the totl silver cable with rectangular+ round conductors. It’s about 2x the price of nei-1001

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I used Kimber Hero XLR between the SGC and M700s. I’ve upgraded to the BHK Pre and kept the Kimbers in place. I’m interested in the Iconoclast cables but have other upgrades to make before I go off the deep end with cables. The Heroes have served me just fine.

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Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects


Asuz DTC2 interconnects with DTC Powerbox Grounding


“Solo” continuous copper?? Spec’s?

Continuous casting of copper is not defining the purity of the copper. With this process, you will normally be limited to a max purity of the 110 spec of ETP copper. “Ohno” continuous cast copper is well defined and is very expensive to produce. Even at Belden (123-years old, US$4B,) domestic wire manufacturer, we purchase with purity documented rod and then further draw it down to the desired AWG to produce Iconoclast IC’s. It’s a complex and interesting process and the result is stunning.


I have the SGCD and the M700 stack, and I’ve upgraded to the Voodoo Renaissance XLR. Very pleased with the sound. I find cables very subjective. Good luck with your quest.

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Just ordered a pair of Crystal Cables
Diamond 2 Ultra 2, their (lower) middle of the road series for DAC to preamp

Just to change things up, I’ve long used Nordost. My new DAC “ strongly recommends” balanced outputs be used, in fact single ended outputs are an option

Thought I’d give the silver/gold alloy a go…


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At least with the neotech version of silver/gold alloy wire, the gold does something subtle but special in the midrange