2.4.5 released fixes mute

We have released new firmware for the PWD that fixes the mute button problem.

You can download it here

To use it,

  • Download the zipped file
  • Unzip the file so the individual files can be seen
  • Place the unzipped files onto a blank SD card. 2GB is best if you can
  • Place the SD card in the back of the PWD, underneath the Bridge slot. Gold pins pointing up.
  • Power cycle the PWD using the rear panel power switch
  • The front panel PS logo button should blink if it is taking. Wait.
  • When it has loaded, the PWD will initialize and work as normal
  • Remove the SD card when it is done

Good morning Paul, I ordered a PWD 2-3 weeks ago with a bridge. Getting feedback from my Dealer that it should be on the way in a few more weeks.

Should I assume they will both “PWD and bridge” be at the latest Rev bios?

No, you should not. This was just released this morning so you should upgrade when you get it.

  • Remove the SD Card When it is done????
Don't you need the SD card in for album art? Just trying to make sure no one is confused about the process.


Yes, but only if you have a Bridge.

Paul, I don’t know if it’s power of suggestion or what, but Oscar Peterson’s “A Tribute To My Friends” album played from Qobuz at 16/44 through my PWD II with v4.2.5 is blowing my mind in it’s timbre, soundstaging and dynamics!!!


4.2.5 is better sounding that any other version we’ve had so far.

Other than the mute button issue, are there any other improvements? From the responses so far, there’s an improvement in sound quality. It would be nice if there are release notes describing the various changes introduced in each update. If release notes already exist, please excuse my ignorance. I haven’t found them and I’m used to seeing them (by other vendors) included with or presented on the download page.

Nope. That’s all that got fixed. The difference in sound quality is a result of selecting the very best sounding compile of this firmware, bot anything specific to the code.

Paul, maybe that’s all that was done, but now my phase and filter switches are working properly too.

Sounds great!

The Phase and filter switches were note working due to the Mute problem


I’m assuming the file PWD20404.hex is on there by mistake?

robwilgus said I'm assuming the file PWD20404.hex is on there by mistake?
It is not being loaded, I just forgot to remove it from the zip.


But it easily creates confusion…

Paul McGowan said 2.4.5 is better sounding that any other version we've had so far.
Just downloaded and installed it this afternoon. Spending time just listening now. :) :) :) :) :)

I can’t celebrate yet, because I’m still suffering from unacceptable loud clicks and pops when changing samplerate. I was hoping that this firmware would also solve that issue, but that was wishful thinking. Paul, are you still working on the “Ticks and pops project”? It’s about time I can demonstrate my audio friends the capabilities of the PWD without the ticks and pops.

We were hoping to release this with the pops and ticks gone but decided to release it without that fixed - as we’ve yet to nail the cause. As you know it only happens on some systems, and not on most. I know that doesn’t make those whose systems it happens on feel good, but that’s the fact of the matter.

So many people wanted the mute and filter functions fixed that we released it so that could at least happen. We’re still working on clicks and pops.

I was able to remove the pops/ticks in JRiver by setting the delay to .25 seconds. In the options, has not done any time since.

drmark said I was able to remove the pops/ticks in JRiver by setting the delay to .25 seconds. In the options, has not done any time since.
Are you using the Bridge? I guess you're not using the Bridge, but most likely the USB input of the PWD.

I am using the USB. A friend of mine loaned me his PWD till this weekend. Then I have to return it, his bridge failed so he is waiting for a replacement too.

Do you need a USB cable hooked up to the PC, when you are using the bridge?

I’m waiting for my PWD/bridge to arrive sometime next month. Does it usually take such a long time for PS to ship?