Whats your Reference Album for Impressing Listeners?

My Reference Album for Impressing Listeners is:

Artist: Patrica Barber
Album: Cafe Blue


I listen to all music in Critical Listening Mode…


This may be of interest:


Basically looking for individual “Go To” Musical Choices when locking in system or impressing others.

I tried to describe here…

…why recordings for “locking in a system” and “impressing others” imo are not necessarily the same, but might be.

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Here’s a few:

“North Dakota” - Lyle Lovett (voices, quiet passages, ambiance, low level detail)
“Since the Last Time” - Lyle Lovett (dynamics, PRAT, voices)
“Church” - Lyle Lovett (dynamics, voices, groove)
“Anna Begins” - Counting Crows (bass slam, dynamics, “does the drum kit sound like real percussion or just ‘drums’?”)
“Lucy Mae Blues” - Buddy Guy (voice, guitar picking, groove)
“Homeless” - Paul Simon (details, harmony, energy, voices - its glorious when its right)
“Private Investigations” - Dire Straits (dynamics, percussion, sound stage, low-level details)

Have fun and let me know what you think if you spin any of these up.



If your aim is to impress them and not simply massage your own audiophilic pretentions, maybe ask them in advance what their favourite albums are and demo them on your system.


I have no reference album for impressing other listeners. The only listener I want to impress is myself. I’ve long since dispensed with ‘wow em’ demos of my rig because I frankly don’t care what anyone else thinks about how it sounds. How’s that for a non-answer, albeit honest.


Please post your forthcoming turntable on “Show us Your Turntable”.

Can’t wait

I thought your current turntable is your end game…

New level? Different concept? Fun shopping?

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Interesting journey! Record player changes mostly pull several other changes, often everything around the periphery changes then after some time.

i turned it off the other day and now i can’t remember how to turn it on again

“Easy Money” by Rickie Lee Jones. All acoustic instruments fabulously arranged and recorded. The thing that impresses me most is that it’s from the original CD release from 1984 on Warner. Never remastered on digital. It shows that if done well, Red Book is more than good enough.

It’s also a folksy and clever tune many can relate to. Not some mind-bending audiophile material.


One of many.


Nice recommendation! I’ve seen Joe a few times. The first was many years ago when he was the opening act for Peter Frampton. I hadn’t heard of Joe prior to then and he was incredible. After the concert, all we talked about was how the opening act blew us away. I don’t think I’ve ever been so unexpectedly impressed by an opening act. Perhaps we need a new thread, “I went to see ‘X’ but I was blown away by ‘Y’”? :grin:

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These two are always on top of my list:

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which new player?

Ain’t Got Nobody (youtube.com)

Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown - great clear bass and voce.