When playing a FLAC file through ROON the DS displays it is playing a WAV file. Why?

When I play Tidal via Roon through my Bridge II/PS Audio Directstream DAC setup, the PS Audio’s DAC display screen shows the song as a “WAV” file (it shows as a FLAC file on my iPhone Roon app). When I play the same song from Tidal via the mcontrol app through my Bridge II/PS Audio Directstream DAC setup, the DAC’s display screen shows the file as a “FLAC” file. I know they’re both lossless formats and should sound identical, but I prefer the sound of the mcontrol FLAC file vs Roon. However, as a user interface, I much prefer Roon. Any idea why Roon shows as a WAV file on the PS Audio Directstream display sceeen? NOTE: I’ve turned off all DSP from my Roon server to the Bridge II/DS DAC.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

I believe it’s a flaw in the DS when using Roon because if its a flac file, it should display as a flac file and not a wav file.
I have no idea why they can’t fix it and coordinate with Roon on how to do this?


I do not use Roon so this may not be of help, but are you absolutely certain Roon is truly passing a Flac file to the DAC and not a Wav file? I suspect the DAC is in fact receiving a Wav file.

The DS displays what it receives and cares not a whit from where the signal originates.

I’m not “absolutely sure” what Roon is passing on to the DAC. All I know is the DAC states “WAV”, and the Roon app states “FLAC”. Nor does the Roon app show in its signal path any indication of it converting FLAC to WAV. Ultimately, I’d just like to ensure i have Roon correctly configured, but as I’ve turned off all of its DSP to the PS Audio DAC, I can’t imagine what configuration input I’ve overlooked.

I bet both the Roon app and the DAC are correct.

The way it works in JRiver is you can select to have your computer transcode to WAV. If you do so, the DSD shows WAV. If you deselect the transcode option, the DSD shows FLAC. Either way, JRemote shows the file as FLAC. I assume Roon is the same (that’s how I remember it when I used the Roon trial).

Any idea how I’d turn that functionality off on my Mac? Or is it a functionality in Roon?

It should be in Roon (don’t remember the details about where). Most consider it a good thing. Keeping the heavy processing of the file with the computer.

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+1 as a good thing. I do not use Roon or JRiver to feed my DS, but I do use MinimServer (stored on my Melco), and I have MinimServer set to decode all FLAC files to 24-bit WAV before sending the signal to the DS.

Gentleman, there is a problem with the DirectStream and the Bridge displaying flac files as wav files and I believe it has always been this way with Roon only.

If someone has the DS, Bridge II, and Roon and their music library flac files are displaying as flac on the DS, please chime in, because I would like to know how they are getting that to work.

Others have reported this also, and I have searched the world and not been able to find anyone that has a fix.

Please help!


Where have others reported this? Here?

My DS DAC reports exactly what my Roon Nucleus+ is streaming: DSF; WAV, FLAC 96/24; 192/24… No matter what source I run through the Nucleus+ (2017 iPAD remote), it shows the same on DS DAC… sorry… in addition, I have been trying to get the DS DAC to show your situation and it does not… sorry… also, I am using the Bridge II as indicated because I have Nucleus+, just wanted that to be clear. Also, snowmass firmware…

Scroll to January 14 below

So you are sending flac files from your music library with Roon to the Bridge and it shows up as flac on the top center of the DS display?


Yes, 1TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD in Nucleus+ w/ iPAD as remote controlling; using Bridge II and PSA DS DAC

I even had PS Audio support on the phone in July and they told me the DS is operating correctly.

So I assumed thats the way it is.

My previous library was on my Windows 10 computer running Roon.

Now my music library is on a 1TB SSD in a sonicTransporter i7 running Roon.

All files display as wav.

I assume you re-configured your system back to WIN 10 computer to see if you have the same issue?

No, I 'm now running through the sonicTransporter i7 and the same issue.