Where does bridge get cover art from?

From the song file’s tag or can I just put cover artwork within the folder?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. The artwork comes from an online database (or databases). The thumbnails are stored in the folder on the card. I do not believe that you can add it directly to the folder and in any event it would fill up in a heartbeat with “normal” sized .gifs.

The artwork for the DMP comes from an online database. The artwork for the Bridge II either comes from the .jpg stored in the folder with the songs or from the embedded artwork in the song file itself. I think it comes from the .jpg stored in the folder with the songs but am not 100% sure. Yes, they are then stored in the SD card. I always include a folder.jpg in each album directory and embed the .jpg into the song files.

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It’s also important to note that not all music server applications can send artwork to the Bridge. For instance jRiver can and Foobar cannot (at least not with any of the components I’ve found).

Does Roon send artwork to Sr. + bridge II? If so, I’m not seeing it on mine. Is there a setting to engage that?

Yes, at least it does for music stored locally.