Where is the USB driver for capturing digitized audio from the New Wave Phono Converter (NPC)?

I will use the Nuwave Phono Converter (NPC) this weekend to rip some content from reel-to-reel tape into the digital domain.

The NPC manual states:
Setting up on a Windows Computer (we show setup on Windows 7.0 here) requires the installation
of our USB driver available for free download here: http://updates.psaudio.com/MarkIIUSBDriver/

The internet address above is no longer valid. Does anyone know if I can use the USB driver to send music from my PC to the MK2 to capture the digitized music from the NPC?

If not, does anyone have the old driver file, and do you know if it will work on Windows 11? :open_mouth:

I think it is here?


The documentation seems to indicate that those drivers are output, not input. I already have that driver loaded, as I have the DS MK2 DAC.

Maybe there is an undocumented input driver that is part of the bundle, but Iā€™m hoping that someone might be able to confirm.

I was able to download the USB audio driver at the very address you posted

[http://updates.psaudio.com/MarkIIUSBDriver/PSAudio-USBAudio2.0DriverLatest.zip]( http://updates.psaudio.com/MarkIIUSBDriver/ PSAudio-USBAudio2.0DriverLatest.zip)

I opened the ZIP adn found this structure. It this what you need?

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That is strange. When i went there i got a premissions error. I will have to try again tonight after work.

Thank you for double checking me.

No worries, there might have been a space in the URL you used. I got that error initially as well, and then adjusted the URL. You should be good to go using the fixed link I posted.

I was able to get the file.

Thanks for setting me straight @tomhail

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