NuWave Phono Converter users: what USB cables have you had success with?

NPC is a great phono amp that I have been very happy with since its debut. When it comes to recording vinyl with it, that’s another story for me. The USB connection to the computer for recording has always been the weak link for me. Never been able to find a USB cable that matches the glorious vinyl sound coming out of the analog outputs. So I made the decision many years ago to spend my time spinning vinyl rather than spending time and money searching for the perfect USB cable. Anyone have better success?

I have had a lot of success with a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable.


Thank you, will look into that cable.

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There are currently 2 for sale here in the Marketplace section. A good person is offering them at a fair price. If that price seems a stretch I have a different answer that is less than $200.

Edit: Oddly enough, there are actually four available here. I am puzzled by this. You have two spend 2K to shame it.

(And shame it I did. Again and again. Bah!)

So instead of banging my head against the wall looking for a USB cable that will sound like those glorious analog outs, I purchased a Tascam DR-100 MKIII and will use the analog inputs to record.

@aangen out of curiosity, what was the $200 alternative USB you had in mind?

Audioquest Cinnamon has worked well for me for years.

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Amazon carries those, I might try it out. Can’t beat their return policy. Thanks for the info

The Inakustik USB that Small Green Computer sells. It is a giant killer, plain and simple.

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Thank you, excellent tip.

Edit: Did they raise prices? Listed at $375. Would I be better going with the Wire World on sale here for $400?

Oh my goodness, That surprised me. It’s been a while since I bought mine. I just looked for it and found it. I bought mine from It is a 1.5m and it cost me $430. They offered me a .75m for $340. Nothing like the $200 I mistakenly remembered. If you do deal with be aware that they only accept PayPal Friends and Family which is odd. Buy I ordered my cable on a Friday night and it arrived Monday morning with free shipping. They are odd but I have used them a few times and I have no fear of them.

I used mine just long enough to prove it’s quality. I should see if I can find the original box and maybe put it up for sale here.

Sorry if I got your hopes up. my 65 year old brain seems to enjoy a bit of fantasy.

The Wireworld here for $400 is also a fantastic option.

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No worries! Going to try out the small green computer Inakustik USBs. The Tascam recorder working out great, really nice product, but would love a nice USB cable as well.

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