NuWave Phono Converter - Which USB Device driver

HI PS Audio Team…

I have just purchased a NuWave Phono Converter and it’ playing in the background even s I type this.

I know that there is still some time to go before the device is broken in so looking forward to the sound it’s making improve even more…

I am also looking to rip some of my LPs so that they can be played via the streamers we have dotted around the house.

My laptop is running Windows 10 and has both USB 2.0 ad USB 3.0 ports.

Reading the manual and flowing the link ( to the USB device drivers, I see that there are 5 drivers - all loaded on the 24th June 2016.

Please can you advice which of the five USB drivers I should use…

Otherwise very happy with my new product.

Sorry that there is a bit of confusion here. here is the link to the downloads page. Once you go here, you’ll go over to the Download Drivers tab, once you do, it’ll be the only download in there. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thankyou… I will download this driver