USB driver for Nuwave Phono Converter

Greetings everyone. I recently acquired a used Nuwave Phono Converter for a very good price and plan on using it to record some of my vinyl. Came with no documentation so I am a little foggy about what drivers I need to connect to my laptop for recording. I have the software Vinyl Studio but what other software or drivers do I need? Also where to find whether I have most recent and recommended firmware for the Phono Converter? Thank you for any info!

There is a manual here:

And software here:

I don’t own one so can’t offer any help but there should be someone here who can help.

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Welcome, Dennis!

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Welcome Dennis. If your computer doesn’t see the NuWave, the link that Baldy attached called Downloads is where you’ll find the USB driver. You’ll want to click on the tab that says Download Drivers, and it will be the only one in there.

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