Where is the Windom download link?


I looked under the downloads area but these is no link for the Windom download. Where is it?


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: https://www.psaudio.com/windom/

Thanks Dirk!

You’re welcome. Enjoy!

After installing Windom this morning on my DSD I got a notice on the screen that there was a firmware update for the Bridge installing. A few minutes later I got a very loud SCREECH from my new Magnepan loudspeakers and my BHK20 turned off with its front button blinking fast. I thought maybe a fuse had blown and opened up the DAC. One of my expensive Synergistic Research fuses was carbonized. I replaced both fuses with regular fuses. The front button of the DAC turns on when I power it up in the back but that is as far as it goes and the screen does not come on. I have emailed the service department and the McGowans asking for help.

Obviously too late now, but better to install new operating system with just the mains cable in situ. Have you tried rolling back to an earlier iteration. Yale.? Then Windom plus a reboot.

My DSD will not turn on properly now. I get the power button light on and that is it… One of the Synergistic Research Red fuses was literally carbonized. I have to replace the fuses later on today when I can buy new ones and see what happens then. Thanks for your reply.

Oh, not good. I do hope it sorts itself out when you install a new fuse. Fingers crossed!

My Windom install went smoothly, no problems. I reset my options (i.e. fixed volume and screen brightness) and sampled a few tunes last night.

Ted “hit it out of the park” with this firmware version!

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Only one of the fuses is actually in use. The other is a spare. If you installed two of the Synergistic fuses you can just swap them. The fast blinking is normal during a Bridge update. Blown fuses are not. Always a good idea to mute your preamp or turn off the amp while updating.

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Both fuses were shot. I put in new regular fuses and the upgrade process restarted itself and completed without problems. BTW, Windom sounds amazing!

The event also blew out the fuses on my Magnepan LRS’s but did not affect the BHK250. Peter thought this might have been from a power surge but the DSD is connected to a P% Powerplanet and nothing else that is hooked up to it was affected. Thank God!

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