Where to plug which components in to multiple Power Plants?

Hi all,

Perhaps this is a bit of a thought experiment but thought I’d throw it out there for your suggestions to get best performance.

I have three Power Plants for my line level gear. One P300 and two P500s, all with the Cullen mods from some years ago. Here’s what I have to power from them, pretty much in descending order of how much use they’ll get:

Preamp/headphone amp (all analog)

DirectStream dac


Phono preamp (all analog)

SACD player

iPod dock

Second dac (with HDCD decoding capability, connected to the iPod dock digital out)

CD recorder


Knowing some units are pure digital, some pure analog and some a little of both, which pieces would you plug in to which Power Plant? I’m guessing that the gear with digital sections might send more junk back down the AC line than those that are pure analog, and it makes me think they should be kept away from the all analog items.

There are too many variations to try them all in a reasonable way, so just looking for thoughts and opinions. My gut tells me that the preamp, phono preamp and tuner might all be on one P500. Then the PWT, DS dac and SACD on the second P500, and finally, the iPod dock, second dac and CD-R on the P300.

I use the iPod dock & second dac just for playing HDCD files from my NAS. Yes, I listen to them with the DS (which is a much better dac overall), too, but I also like the option of hearing HDCD actually decoded. If you don’t agree with that, that’s fine, then just humor me on this.

Your thoughts?