Which Cover Album are You Spinning Right Now?


I didn’t listen to this one for some time…it’s a great album and one of the better Venus recordings, thanks for the reminder! I’m just digging voodoo chile…


Now spinning.


Most of the tracks on this Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute CD are pretty bad IMO but . . . the Drive-By Truckers’ cover of “Every Mother’s Son” is great, as is Gov’t Mule’s version of “Simple Man.”

Honorable Mention: “Four Walls of Raiford” by Yonder Mountain String Band. “Raiford” is one of my favorite Skynyrd ‘deep cuts,’ so I respect YMSB for attempting it. Having said that, YMSB’s “Raiford” does not hold a candle to Jamey Johnson’s definitive studio version on “Sweet Home Alabama: The Country Music Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd.” I may even prefer Johnson’s “Raiford” to the original (sacrilege, I know).

Speaking of Jamey Johnson, the HD video of Johnson’s live version of “Four Walls of Raiford” from the “Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More for the Fans” DVD is devastating.


One of my favorite Colorado artist does Sweet Home AL? What the geographical crap, whatever. Maybe some Sweet Surrender ;).


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Various Artists, A Day In the Life: Impressions of Pepper (Impulse! Records).


Thanks to @amsco15 for posting this 1969 joint in the “what are you spinning right now?” thread the other day. I am an old Dylan head and this was a new one on me. More importantly, it’s really good (minus, IMO, the version of “Lay Lady Lay”).


” With their aesthetics still rooted in an array of storied inspirational models, Belgian prog jazz heavyweights The Wrong Object (website) ventures further into hybrid musical territories - pushing the boundaries of progressive jazz, rock and contemporary music.

After more than fifteen years of an existence marked by extensive touring, recording and numerous collaborations with international jazz and rock luminaries (Elton Dean, Harry Beckett , Annie Whitehead, Alex Maguire, Robin Verheyen, Ed Mann, …) and a recent collaboration with the Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radio Koor ( 200 Motels – The Suites), Zappa Jawaka marks the band’s first tribute release to the Grand Zazou, one which contains idiosyncratic, fiery version of such favorites as “I’m the Slime” alongside lesser-known and rarely performed works.”




Snow globe Christmas is nice


Thanks, @wijber, for the tip in the main music thread about this cool new Freddie King tribute album.


Nice interpretation !


Track 14 - The Boxer



‘neath Your Covers by Cowboy Junkies. image


One more because it’s basically a perfect album.


“Cosmic American Music”


Where did you find this?