Which IsoAcoustics for DSD Snr and BHK Pre?

I’ve read in quite a few places that there’s no real difference between the Oreas and the ISO-Pucks so I’m pretty sure I’ll go with the latter as they are so much cheaper.

Having said that does anyone use the ISO-Pucks with the DSD and BHK Pre? If so, which ones?

From the specs, 4 minis should be good for each component (6lbs per puck) but would love to hear more opinions.

I use the Orea’s under my P5, DS Dac, BHK Preamp. All work very well. I’d go for the Orea’s they’re worth the extra cost


Can you tell me more about what you heard to justify the extra cost between the two?

No, I went the Orea’s the others looked like replacement feet. My answer is buy both and return the ones that don’t work. I use my ears as the ultimate decider.

I use (4) Iso Pucks under my DSjr, very pleased with perceived results.

Thanks @efete, that’s helpful.

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Same here under most every piece of gear. Found no need for the chrome versions.


The OP in my mind, had decided on the Pucks based on price not performance and he was looking for confirmation. There are instances somewhere on this forum where people have moved from Pucks to Orea’s and the results were meaningful. The answer is of course they’ll work. Are they equal or better? Only your ears can decide was my position.

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I clearly said I am going for the ISO-Pucks over the Oreas and not looking for confirmation - my question was which ISO-Puck, nothing to do with the Oreas.

I’m sure the Oreas are great and many people are happy with them but there’s a lot of collaborative evidence to say they perform the same as the ISO-Pucks from people who have actually tried both.

Finally, don’t we all compromise performance for price?

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Watchdog507, which Orea are you using? I would think Bronze would be best for PS components.

I use the pro version. They are the same as the Orea, but, cost $20 each.
According to the reps I’ve spoken with, the only difference is the finish. Functionally the same, except for weight . The iso pucks are 20 lbs each.

I use Bronze and Indigo’s. The weight of the components dictates the Orea. The P5 is on my Bronze and the BHK Pre and my DSD have Indigos.




Can you tell me something about the sq improvement by using these feet?

You probably can get the pro version or the Orea. I have both and I can’t tell that much of a difference between the two. They are designed the same except for appearance and weight of your component. I thought the Orea sounded better, but it’s so close I can’t be sure. I just know that with the Orea’s, I hear more clarity and less distortion in the sound. With my component, I can really hear it.

But I meant with or without feet

If you’re talking about the original feet, I removed all original feet and put the Orea in it’s place.

Minis should do the trick best. It’s best to load these in the middle of their respective range (applies to any isolation or damper). Minis are 6lbs each as you say, and regular ISO-puck is 20lbs each.

For what it’s worth, the iso-pucks and the oreas all share the same patent. So the ‘tech’ can’t be much different other than weigh rating and aesthetics.


This is at best not a component level enhancement. I did it for aesthetics and potential benefit. Whatever you hear will be modest unless there was a problem with the original feet’s construction or mounting.

Feet are more of a tweak depending on your component. I find harder material sounds harder and softer material sounds softer. Mine came with solid stainless steel with ball bearings in between. They sounded a bit lean and hard in my setup. Sorbothane tend to sound a bit mushy, but these Orea has the best balance in my system. It might not be the best for every system, you have to try it and see.

I bought Orea’s to install under most of my gear (everything with the exception of the P20). I truly was amazed at the improvement. My SLP-05 was the biggest difference. Usual description, sound-stage, blacker whatever, etc. Better or worse than anything else in the Isoacoustic line…I have absolutely no idea. I just assumed the Orea’s cost more and are different/better. Maybe not.